TOP 10 Ways to boost yourself if you are sleepy Or Tired

Sleepy1.png 10 Ways to boost yourself if you are sleepy - TOP 10 Ways to boost yourself if you are sleepy Or Tired

10 Ways to boost yourself if you are sleepy

Most people grab caffeine or sugar if they feel sleepy. However, there are many better ways to boost yourself. Hang this list at your workplace and add a bowl of peppermint, lemons, puzzle books and fruit. Also take care of ice cubes in the freezer. This way you can meet (together with your colleagues)!

Stand up and move

If you’ve been sitting behind a desk for a long time or hanging on the couch. Then get up and move.Shake your limbs, walk a round, try to touch your toes and / or do something else to get your body back and flow your energy. You get a bonus boost as you exit the door and move in the sun and / or fresh air.

Challenge your brains

If it fails to get your body moving, try moving your brain in another direction. Create a crossword puzzle or Sudoku, change task so that you work at least something new / challenging. Due to a mental change, you can shake off the brain you’re in and refresh your brain. This may be necessary if you are in an afternoon dip.

10 Ways to boost yourself if you are sleepy

Smell and taste a lemon

Research has shown that the smell and taste of a lemon is stimulating. This can ensure that your mental juices are stimulated. Soak a lemon, drink lemon tea or go for a giant boost and bite in a lemon.And? Are you already awake?

Freeze yourself

Keep yourself from the hot cup of coffee and instead use a glass of ice-cold water (of course ice-cream) instead. The cold water will wake you up and provide you with extra moisture and energy. Do you need more cooling? Throw ice cold water in your face or put an ice cream splash against your wrist for a firm awakening. Cold is a trigger for the stimulation of the hormone adrenaline. And that gives energy.

Eat peppermint


Just like lemon, peppermint has an invigorating scent that can help you peep yourself . Make sure you have your peppermint in your house or have it so you can get it in case of an emergency. For the same effect you can also chew on chew gum with peppermint flavor, drink ice-cream with peppermint, mint tea or wash your hands with peppermint soap.

Turn on music

Music with a hard beat can wake you up and get back to work. Pack up (if necessary) headphones or earphones and turn the volume knob up. And if you really want a good boost, get up from your chair and let your feet (and the rest of your body) move on to the music. Okay, it will show you a bit when you’re in an office with colleagues. But maybe you’re luring others to swing? Or … plan a tight moment on the day that you are able to flow through your head (and body) with all your hard beat.

10 Ways to boost yourself if you are sleepy

Provide your brain with oxygen with yoga

The yoga technique ‘ breathe or fire ‘ helps to provide more oxygen for your brain. In about 15 minutes there is an increase in oxygen in the brain. This ensures that you have an energy boost. It also provides for relaxation. Breathe in and breathe out. Maybe ‘breathe or fire’ is an idea for you in your break, alone or with colleagues? Put the yogamats ready!

Make yourself wise to wake up

Research shows that subjects who were told to sleep well were better performing cognitive tests than those who were told that they had slept badly. If you repeatedly say to yourself that you have slept well, you are awake and have full energy, you will believe in it yourself. You will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Eat a healthy crispy snack

Especially in the afternoon, many people grab a snack to stay awake. The problem is not the fact that we eat, but the fact that we choose unhealthy foods, such as cookies, chocolate or candy. Still, chewing on something keeps you awake, especially if that’s crispy. But instead of an unhealthy take a healthy snack, such as an apple, a hand with nuts, a piece of cucumber or carrots.


One of the reasons why laughing is so healthy is that it is endorphin free . Movement and massage also take care of this. These “feel-good” hormones help not only to weaken pain, but also for some more energy. Take a moment to watch a laughing video or share embarrassing stories with your colleagues.

10 Ways to boost yourself if you are sleepy Or Tired

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