Top 100 NES Nintendo Games

nes - Top 100 NES Nintendo Games

Top 100 NES Nintendo Games

The 1980 NES Nintendo has recently been selected as the best game console ever. The games and games are still very well-known and well-known. Especially the mega hit: Mario Bros & Duck Hunt. What are the best games for the NES Nintendo? What were and are the best games for this game console? We put them in line, not in order, but it was difficult, but in 1x nice overview with the Top 100 best, coolest games for the NES Nintendo.

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Top 100 Super Nintendo Classic Games

What are the best and most fun games and games on the console: SNES, or the Super Nintendo?These games are old, but still very popular with the older gamers among us. What are the best games on the super nintendo ever made, most downloaded, most / most sold? Which is on NR 1?Below is a list of games in a top 100 in a handy overview with all the best Super Nintendo games.The Top 100 Super Nintendo Games:

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Top 100 best valuable gadgets ever

Top 100 best valuable gadgets ever

 Top 100 best valuable gadgets ever  

What are the best gadgets ever made? What are the most valuable and innovative mass production gadgets ever made? Bothered … has published a beautiful (below list) which is compiled by a voice system within all its 1 million visitors a month (or day, no longer know). The best gadgets are classified by category in an overview and rankings with the best at the top (by topic). For example, the apple ipad is on top! Also, older products that were completely hot-and-happen in the 80’s and 90’s (and then very fat). The top 100 best and most valuable gadgets ever:

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TOP 100 things you can do without spending money

geld 300x199 - TOP 100 things you can do without spending money

TOP 100 things you can do without spending money

There is a crisis as everyone knows, and that means you can not always spend money or spend money. We therefore have a list of things you can do without spending money. The big mistake many people make is spending money to have a nice time. But that’s what those people are wrong in our list you’ll find 100 fun things to do without spending a cent.

Top 100 things you can do without spending money

1. Visit a local beach.

2. Sign up for a free lesson.

3. Cook a new recipe with remaining ingredients that you have.

4. Read a book that you own.

5. Reorient your furniture.

6. Organize your closet.

7. Create a playlist on Spotify.

8. Do you have a film marathon with good friends.

9. Play some board games.

10. Swap clothes with friends.

11. Go swimming.

12. Visit a local park or playground.

13. sunbathe

14. Try a new haircut at home.

15. Watch for repetitions of your favorite TV show with DVDs from your local library.

16. Practice new makeup looks.

17. Plant some flowers in your garden.

18. Go sightseeing.

19. Paint your nails.

20. Host a dinner.

21. Use of YouTube videos for karaoke.

22. Take your pet for a walk.

23. Go on a bike ride.

24. Paint or sketch something.

25. Photo of local attractions.

26. Visit a museum on a day off.

27. Enter your diary.

28. Watch the sunset.

29. Go hiking.

30. Create a scrapbook.

31. Take a nap.

32. Practice of yoga.

33. Go for a walk.

34. Make your own ice cream in a bag of ingredients around the house.

35. Write a song.

36. Practice playing an instrument.

37. Wash your car at home.

38. Volunteer for a local organization.

39. Visit with family or friends.

40. Catch up for laundry.

41. Organizing the utility room.

42. Mow the lawn.

43. Paint a pot.

44. Do some arts and crafts.

45. Start a DIY project.

46. ​​Exercise.

47. Drawing a garage sale.

48. Bake some cookies or other sweet treats from zero.

49. Together a list of your favorite recipes.

50. Write a bucket list.

51. Shoot a number of hoops.
52. To get rid of junk.
53. Go for a run through the neighborhood.

54. Do spa treatments at home.

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The top 100 hits from the 80’s

The 80’s music

The music after the punk is called  new wave  , as  the new wave . This term, however, appears to be synonymous with the melancholic, but melodic ‘nephew’ of punk, expressed by  Joy Division ,  The Cure ,  The Smiths ,  Siouxsie and the Banshees . Duran Duran  was one of the bands that mixed the newwave music with a good-looking image and applicable  video clips ,  fashion  and teenage idol marketing. One also speaks of  post punk  instead of new wave, but new wave also covers  synthpop bands as  OMD , Human League ,  Depeche Fashion  and  Pet Shop Boys .

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Looking for a nice hobby? Below are the top100 hobbies per category and another 300 other hobbies on alphabet (bottom). Are you looking for examples of meaningful hobbies? Hobbies that are fun, in a team, together or alone? There is a lot to do, to collect, to read, to save, to rank … In short, many hobbies-ideas. A fun list of over 500 tips, ideas and examples of Hobbies. The top 100:

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