TOP 10 Animals With Bizarre Big Eyes

boomkikker - TOP 10 Animals With Bizarre Big Eyes

Top 10 Animals With Bizarre Big Eyes

Evolutionally, it is important that mothers (and, to a lesser extent, fathers) find their cruel adorable, because that promotes the urge to make sure. A baby face is cute because it has proportional big eyes to the rest of the face. When we look back in other (especially mammalian) animals, this also raises caring instincts, regardless of the fact that it is another species. Think about the enormous appeal and ‘aw’ factor of a young pup or kitten.

But not all animals with big eyes are cute. There are other evolutionary reasons why an animal should have big eyes; seeing a lot and good is a big advantage in the game of survival. This list, therefore, does not contain the most adorable “mammals”, but the most bizarre, obscure and possibly spooky. We start with the most related to our people, namely monkeys. After having discussed a few other mammals we will only see strange animals.

10. The Gibbon

Gibbon - TOP 10 Animals With Bizarre Big EyesMatthiasKabel / wikicommons

The Gibbon is a human being, which means that it is one of the most closely related species of animals.We know the Gibbon the most because of its typical swing and swing from one branch to another. In addition to elegant tree climbers, Gibbons are very gentle and sweet, they are monogamous (make pairs of two and stay together) and they help each other if there is a need for help. In such an angelic behavior are two huge viewers who, along with their broken white fur, assist in an image of cuteness that is justified by this particular case).

9. Ghosts

Spookdiertjes - TOP 10 Animals With Bizarre Big Eyes

The body of a haunted animal looks a bit like an alien’s being, with long fingers and toes, but the eyes, the eyes are beautiful. The ghost animal is actually a monkey, but one of the least known. He lives in the jungles in Southeast Asia, and despite its super cute appearance, this animal (as opposed to most primates) is a meat-setter. He chases on birds, lizards and insects. The ghost’s eyes are in proportion to its body weight, the largest of all animal species on earth. The eyeballs are firmly mounted in his skull, so to look around around the ghost must turn his head. However, as we will see, this is not always the case!

8. Kinkajoe

The Kinkajoe is a mammal from Central and South America, and it is closely related to raccoons, even though it is more ferocious. It can run both forwards and backwards, grabbing things with its tail, and getting up to 40 years old, all pretty unique features of the Kinkajoe. But the most special is his set of eyes, the big glittering black spheres that make the Kinkajoe a very cute animal. Oh, and they have razor sharp teeth. But do not worry, it’s fruites.

7. The Plump Lori

Plompe Lori - TOP 10 Animals With Bizarre Big EyesDavid Haring / Duke 

it’s not the most charming name, but the animal itself is very cute, and some of these Lori’s are also very beautiful. The Plompe Lori also has the perfect size, about that of a newborn baby. With those eyes, and such a body, who would not take this Lori in the arms? But do not be deceived by its harmless appearance, because this Lori can separate a poison from his elbows that is lethal to humans.Deadly cute, so!

6. Owls

uil2 - TOP 10 Animals With Bizarre Big Eyes

There are of course many types of owls, but they all match at least one thing: their super big viewers.Owls are night hunters, so they must be able to see well in the dark. To achieve this, they have such huge eyeballs. The eyes of an owl can grow up to five percent of body weight. With those eyes they look better than our people, even during the day, but especially in the dark. Incidentally, we said eyeballs, but that is not entirely correct; Owls have a kind of tube as an eye. With this they can see better, but it does mean that the eye can not easily rotate in their skull. Therefore, owls must constantly turn their heads to see something. Hence that nervous pulled with the head.

5. Henkel’s leaf tail coke

bladstaartgekko - TOP 10 Animals With Bizarre Big EyesFrank Vassen / flickr

This boy is a lizard that was discovered by Henkel (hence the name, yes). Henkel’s crustaceans are found in Madagascar, and they are about 280 millimeters long (about the length of an a-4s). They mostly eat insects, but sometimes want to commit themselves to a snake or two. What is most special about Henkel’s gecko, however, is his big eyes. Not only are they big, given the size of the animal, but also remarkable. His pupils are huge and consist of many vertical slits, and these slits can open at night so that maximum amounts of light can enter. This shows the Henkel in the darkest of the night. They see about 350 times better than we see in the dark. They have no eyelids, and their eyes are also hard to see because they are covered with camouflage material.

4. Four-eyed fish

vieroogvis - TOP 10 Animals With Bizarre Big EyesCharles Sharp / Wikicommons

Latin name Anableps, this four-legged fish has a unique solution to the problem that many surface fishes struggle with, the fact that the world looks very different from underwater (that can be experienced by yourself when you go to a straw looking for a glass of water, after all, in the water the straw seems to be bent!).
The Anableps feed on insects and this life above water. It is therefore important for the Anableps to be able to see above water, but also underwater, because who knows what an enemy loves them while they bite on insects! Basically, this fish has only two eyes, but these two are split so that they can look around independently either above and below the water. By the way, fish do not have eyelids, so the Anableps have to dive occasionally to keep the upper water eye wet.

3. The Tree Frog

boomkikker - TOP 10 Animals With Bizarre Big EyesGeoff Gallice / Flickr

Tree frogs are not one species, but several types of frogs who live the most of their life in trees. Most of these frogs view the world through big eyes, but the most beautiful example is probably the Red-eye Physicist (Agalychnis callidryas in Latin). This beautiful frog with its bright green, red and blue colors comes from Central America and, like other night frogs, has huge eyes with a beautiful gap pupil.
Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how much you love frogs, these tree frogs are almost always of small size. Fortunately, because of suction cups like feet, they can easily climb to comfortable eye level so we do not have to get to our knees to find them!

2. The Dragonflies

libelle - TOP 10 Animals With Bizarre Big EyesAtalanta / wikicommons

Spoken about grieves. Libra is called Dragonflies in English, and that has a reason. Indeed, they have indeed a dragon look. But how creepy insects can be, one thing must admit you, his eyes are gigantic.And yet, the dragonfly is not exactly cute …
The eyes of the dragonfly are so big that they cover the whole head of the beast. The libelle is literally “one eye”. But in fact, a dragonfly does not have two eyes but about 30,000. A libelle-eye is a facet, which means it is made up of many “facets”, all of which function as an eye. With this eye-head, the dragonfly can see 360 ​​degrees around. You can not get into the dead corner of a dragonfly. Oh and if that’s not enough, the dragonfly has three more eyes to see in the dark …

1. The Hemelviewer

Hemelkijker - TOP 10 Animals With Bizarre Big EyesJasonMarini / wikicommons

We finish the list with the greatest gribus (which is also beautiful in its own particular way), namely the Hemelkijker (Latin name: Macropinna microstoma). This fish is not much larger than 15 centimeters, and lives on high depths in the ocean (about 1 mile below the water surface), which almost does not penetrate any light. But the sky viewer can look light enough with that little bit!
Indeed, this fish has tubular eyes, like the owl, which are perfectly capable of still being able to see in very low light. However, these tubes can not move well. The Hemelkijker has mounted these tubes on his head, where they ride upwards (hence Hemelkijker, he looks towards heaven). When a prey is seen, he hurries to it. What is remarkable, however, is that dark spots are present at the place where we expect eyes (above its mouth). A layman would suspect that these are the eyes, but no, these are basically his nostrils.

So far ten bizarre mammals. Now back to the cartoons on TV, where all characters also have gigantic eyes (no wonder we’re having fun!).

Top 10 Animals With Bizarre Big Eyes

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