Top 10 Animated Movies For Adults

Waking Life 2001 - Top 10 Animated Movies For Adults

Top 10 Animated Movies For Adults

Cartoons, that’s for children? With that comment you can not come along for years. Increasingly, cartoons are aimed at an adult audience, both in movies and in television series . The possibilities of the animations give the opportunity to create dark fantasy worlds. And cartoon characters can suddenly be coarse. What are the top 10 animation films for adults?

10. Watership Down

Watership Down  - Top 10 Animated Movies For Adults

Watership Down from 1978 actually seems to be a perfect children’s movie. A group of rabbits decide to leave their group when one of them gets a vision of imminent danger. The cartoon is, however, unhappy when the rabbits are in trouble. Hunters, predators and mutual fights are unusually bloody and many rabbits will not survive the journey to the promised Waterschape hill.

9. Peppers

parika - Top 10 Animated Movies For Adults

Paprika (2006) is one of the many Japanese animated films made especially for adults. The film is about a new form of therapy that gives access to the dreams of people. However, a doctor uses the dry machine for illegal therapies. In the dreams of patients he appears with an alter ego called Paprika.Slowly, the difference between dream and reality becomes increasingly vague, leading to bizarre scenes.

8. Waltz With Bashir

Waltz with Bashir - Top 10 Animated Movies For Adults

An uncompromising cartoon about war is of course only suitable for adults. Israeli director Ari Folman made a very original film about his own experiences as a soldier in Lebanon. When the main character meets a friend, he tells him that he is suffering from recurring nightmares about the war. Folman is surprised that he can not remember anything from that time. He is looking for other people who were in Beirut at that time. Slowly, he becomes a grim discovery.

7. Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell - Top 10 Animated Movies For Adults

The filming of the manga Ghost in the Shell (1995) was technically a big step forward for the animegenre. The near future of Tokyo looks amazingly beautiful. The story is about a police team, led by a female cyborg, specializing in cyber crime. They hunt for a mysterious hacker who has great plans.Because of the violence and the philosophical message, it is a cartoon film for advanced. A sequel and two television series deepened the story further.

6. Grave of the Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies - Top 10 Animated Movies For Adults

Grave of the Fireflies (1988) often ends high on lists of most depressive films of all time. This cartoon of Isao Takahata tells the engaging story of a brother and sister during the last months of World War II.During a bombing of Kobe, they lose their mother while their father is probably killed at sea. Setsuko and Seita try to survive in the ruins where the fire flies give some distraction at night.

5. Fritz the Cat

Fritz the Cat - Top 10 Animated Movies For Adults

Fritz the Cat (1972) is definitely one of the first successful adult adult cartoons in the West. The figure Fritz the Cat was invented by draftsman Robert Crumb who himself was not satisfied with the filming.Fritz was furore due to his politically incorrect behavior in the film. He is rude and overexpressed. In addition, every population in the film is taken care of, with the intake of a large amount of drugs not forgotten. A true adult cartoon film that was qualified as pornographic by the American film review.

4. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut - Top 10 Animated Movies For Adults

The brutal freedom of Fritz the Cat eventually led to the roughest cartoon of all time. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (1999) is of course the film version of the world-renowned television series about South Park children. All famous characters such as Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Chef are present in this hilarious adventure, which is again kicked against many holy houses. The song ‘Uncle Fucka’ is a great barrage of bad words that is less suitable for young children.

3. Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl%E2%80%99s Moving Castle - Top 10 Animated Movies For Adults

The magic cartoon films of Hayao Miyazaki are so suitable for children as adults, though they do not save the tender child’s soul. Howl’s Moving Castle is on top Miyazaki: A girl insults a sorcerer who turns her into an old female. Looking for a way to reverse transformation, she is in the moving castle of the wizard Howl. Together with some comic characters, she decides to take care of this strange Howl that leads a second life at night. Howl’s Moving Castle is a beautiful film about age with some intense scenes that are more suitable for adults.

2. Waking Life

Waking Life 2001 - Top 10 Animated Movies For Adults

Richard Linklater is a specialist in movies with many characters who talk a lot. In his ambitious animation Waking Life (2001), he follows a young man who is increasingly beginning to doubt whether he is living in a dream. Meanwhile, he comes across people who have interesting ideas about the value of dreams and the question of reality. Linklater first recorded the film with real actors and then animated several artists to the movie (a technique called rotoscope). The result is a true philosophical cartoon.

1. Akira

Akira1 - Top 10 Animated Movies For Adults

Akira (1988) is also a film of a comic strip. The film slowly developed into cult phenomena in the West and would be of great influence not only on the cartoon film for adults but also on ordinary science fiction films. Akira is initially featured by its advanced animations with beautiful images of a futuristic Tokyo where motorbikes fight each other at high speeds. Tetsuo, an inexperienced gangster, gets an accident during a fight and gets into a hospital. A secret government organization finds that Tetsuo possesses enormous psychic powers comparable to Akira, a boy who was previously responsible for the destruction of the city. When Tetsuo comes behind his powers, a transformation that is difficult to quit begins. He is looking for Akira. With its complex storytelling, dreamy scenes and stubborn violence, Akira is the perfect cartoon film for adults.

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