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The 10 best Christmas cities in the world

Christmas is coming and what we want at this time warm during a cold winter. Beautiful trees are decorated, illuminated cities, everywhere is wonderfully cooked, romance alive, carols are sung, Christmas movies are fully viewed and gifts are bought. It’s the best time of the year, but for people who want another Christmas without any family responsibilities and standard parties, we have a great alternative. Go out and visit one of the cities that flourishes during the Christmas season to an illuminated pearl filled with the cutest Christmas stalls and beautifully decorated parks. Check out the 10 best Christmas cities in the world.

The 10 best Christmas cities in the world

1. New York, Amerika

New York, the city where everything actually is gorgeous, is something better during the Christmas season. Homes are decorated and beautiful decorations are hung throughout the city. New York radiates through the millions of lights in various colors. The famous, giant Christmas tree is located at Rockefeller Center, and attracts thousands of tourists annually. Famous Christmas movies are often shot here, because there will be nowhere else a Christmas atmosphere like this.

Macy’s, Barney’s and the shopping of Fifth Avenue are also breathtakingly beautiful decorated. The giant department stores and storefronts each tell a unique story with Christmas decorations on the windows and buildings. If you’re not planning to shop, you can still enjoy very good here. You know where to look for the warmth of the city and feel the love around you. Everywhere is sung in the city and there are other forms of entertainment. It’s definitely worth staying here once you celebrate Christmas because New York feels like home for the holidays and certainly one of the 10 best Christmas cities in the world.

2. Rovaniemi, Finland

Are you looking for a white Christmas, where you can enjoy a wonderful winter sports and beautiful decorations where simplicity plays an important role? Then you look for the Finnish city of Rovaniemi. Finland is the country where the official Santa Claus is coming from. With that reason, and the perfect winter sports facilities attract many tourists every year towards the Arctic Circle. Visit the village of Santa Claus Village where the decoration exudes a classic Christmas where Santa Claus is coming from with his reindeer.

The snowy houses, frozen lakes and the Finnish way of decorating, Rovaniemi make unique and attractive. Not only enjoy the Christmas lights decorated streets, but also of the Northern Lights, a husky ride and a ski experience. Overnight in a wooden cottage and experience a different Christmas than ever before.

3. Reykjavik, Iceland

It is the most northern European capital, Reykjavik. The city is surrounded by beautiful countryside with mountains and waters. The traditions and history is reflected in buildings, streets, art and architecture. During Christmas this is reinforced by the beautiful decorations. The dark Icelandic winter illuminated by the magnificent, glittering lights. It is a decorated city where people like to come and where you can experience a unique Christmas.

Reykjavik is a romantic city during the holidays and throughout there are formed rows of wooden huts where Christmas gifts and various delicacies are sold.

In the center you can see the most beautiful Christmas decorations and the beautiful stories about trolls, elves and other creatures are portrayed. Also around the city has plenty to do, so take the time to record the fascinating nature in you and enjoy the natural wonders around you. Take a dip in the thermal pool Blue Lagoon, Gullfoss waterfall and visit the unique glacier lake Jökulsárlón.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has been a fascinating city itself, but during Christmas is something beautiful. It is for many already known that this destination is a beautiful city and certainly during the winter holidays. The Christmas spirit is to sample early and people celebrate the festival fanatic. The city is completely decorated with thousands of glowing lights and decorations, creating a wonderful atmosphere. When you are during the Christmas season in Prague, it feels like you’ve entered a different world.

For the Prague population Christmas is the theme of family and love. It is often celebrated with neighbors and being well fed and celebrated everywhere, something that is so in the Netherlands.

Visit the famous Christmas market on the Old Town Square where you can enjoy wonderful performances with singing and dancing. In the middle of the square stands a gigantic Christmas tree decorated with dazzling lights. The Wenceslas Square is a must. Here you buy the most beautiful Christmas stalls and traditional souvenirs or you can taste delicious Czech recipes. For a beautiful Christmas with unique highlights and special traditions, it’s best to Prague, a city that definitely belongs in the top 10 best Christmas cities in the world.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

Although many do not quickly think of Copenhagen during the Christmas season, it is one of the most beautiful cities where you can spend your time today. The Danish population, like the Prague population, very fanatic when it comes to Christmas. It is an important festival, where great attention is paid to. Great food, fun and beautiful decorations are at the center with a Danish Christmas. The country has strong traditions that are an annual part of the holidays.

The cold winter has begun but in Denmark the month of December is the warmest month. The city is filled with magical atmosphere and beautifully decorated streets. Several Christmas markets are in the city, providing an ideal opportunity to do Christmas shopping.

Another highlight of Christmas is the park  Tivoli  in Copenhagen. The family park is transformed into a fairytale setting where special lighting and decorations brighten everything. Dozens of stalls selling traditional Danish products fill the paths there are to experience various activities. So you can attend a breathtaking ballet, a sleigh ride with reindeer and enjoy the attractions in the park. See the giant Christmas tree and celebrate Christmas in a very special way.

6. London, England

London can not miss the list of the 10 best Christmas cities in the world. It is the city known for its unique and breathtaking Christmas. Nowhere else will you experience Christmas at its best when in London. You can enjoy the beautiful decorations in the windows of shopping streets and department stores. And not only that, because London is the city where music lives and where you can listen to so beautiful carols.

What can not be missed is Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, a beautiful landscape adorned with dazzling lights and fairy decorations. Visit the famous Ferris wheel and see the illuminated and decorated city from a great height. Around you see ice sculptures which provide a wonderful atmosphere. You can also choose as Dutch skater to use the rink.

At Trafalgar Square Square you find the big tree where many people come out each year. Christmas shopping in London you can of course the best anywhere in the shopping taste a warm atmosphere. Enjoy the beautiful London and experience a unique Christmas.

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7. Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp is less than two hours drive from the Netherlands, but it seems as if you are in another world during the month of December. The beautiful Flemish city is very popular with tourists. Especially the big Christmas market in the city is an attraction. There are many activities on the program and there is plenty of entertainment, such as an ice rink in the Steenplein where you can skate delicious.

The decoration is beautiful and everywhere classic Christmas stalls. Enjoy delicious winter dishes and mulled wine, while watching dance and singing performances. There are many online and everywhere there is something to experience. Antwerp in December month many sales, so take advantage of this. It is a beautiful city and great for a break over Christmas. Antwerp belongs with certainty among the top 10 best Christmas cities in the world.

8. Vienna, Austria

700 years tourists come from all over the world to Vienna to attend the annual Christmas markets. The city is full of various Christmas markets. You have the Christmas market at the Rathaus where to obtain the most delicious treats and where children can play in creativity. Furthermore you have the kertstmarkt at the Schönbrunn Palace where you can enjoy of Christmas music, stalls and beautiful decorations. The old Viennese Christmas market on Freyung one will experience a traditional Christmas, the Christmas market on Karlsplatz traded the finest art and finally the Christmas Village at Belvedere palace where stalls are art and great food. When you’re in Austria during the Christmas season, it is more than worthwhile to visit Vienna. The city is itself beautiful, but by the classic Christmas markets and the many decorations hear this town certainly among the top 10 best Christmas cities in the world. When you see the beautiful decorations, you think of a full night sky where you can not get enough.

9. Dublin, Ireland

The Irish capital is a real Christmas town with its beautiful and unique Christmas and definitely belongs on the list of the top 10 best Christmas cities in the world. When ever you are looking for a special and phenomenal Christmas, you need to Dublin. The famous Christmas market, floating on the water in the Docklands and every year it is a tradition to take a dip in the ocean. This is particularly cold in the month of December, but that does not stop many.

The Irish people love this Christmas and they express welcome in their country. There are beautiful decorations and beautiful Christmas carols sung everywhere. You see lights and Christmas trees in the windows of the houses. Even cars are in Dublin adorned with Christmas decorations. Superb windows are richly decorated, streets are filled with Christmas stalls and the Magical Christmas Cabin is a beauty to behold. Although it is not very cold in Ireland, you can still enjoy a white Christmas. Snow cannons ensure snow-covered roofs and a winter atmosphere.

10. Valkenburg, The Netherlands

Nor should sit Netherlands in the top 10 best Christmas cities in the world. Namely CNN has named our city Valkenburg as one of the best places in the world to celebrate Christmas. This is particularly, but not incomprehensible. The city exudes romance and warmth and this is enhanced by its beautiful illuminated streets. What is truly unique, the caves are radiating a fairytale atmosphere. They shine and filled with Christmas stalls. The large Christmas market, one of the largest in Europe, is a fascinating experience and a lot of people come here to discover it. The historic town is popular with both tourists and the people living here. There is an annual Christmas parade, something which makes by many for a lot of fun. Valkenburg is close to Maastricht, is also a nice Christmas destination.

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