Best Top 10 Drummers of All Time

Modern music, be it jazz, funk, reggae, rock or pop, can not do without the drummer. The drummer gives the rhythm, the base where the musicians are guided by and will dance the audience. Drummers are rarely the star and mostly silent figures that only come with a drum solo in the foreground. Who are the ten best drummers of all time?

10. Ginger Baker

Peter Edward Baker was a drummer soon fame in the  supergroup Cream  to play with Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce. Because of his red hair, he was given the name Ginger Baker. Baker has been an influential drummer of his keen interest in African music brought over to rock music. Since the seventies, he is a sought after studio musician who played with include Masters of Reality.

9. Elvin Jones

Elvin Jones made his name as drummer for jazz greats as Charles Mingus and Miles Davis. But usually he is associated with the legendary quartet of John Coltrane who recorded in the sixties classics like A Love Supreme. Elvin had a powerful, swinging style though he often did at quiet moments to add beautiful accents. A drummer who also had a major impact outside the jazz world.

8. Billy Cobham

In the late sixties jazz would include many influences from other genres. This new form of jazz was soon called fusion. One of the most distinctive musicians of fusion was the Panamanian-American drummer Billy Cobham. Cobham was a member of Mahavishnu Orchestra and played on several records by Miles Davis. He is one of the first drummers to experiment with an open-handed arrangement of the drums that while the poor play need not be crossed.

7. Stephen Perkins

The group Jane’s Addiction grew at the end of the eighties a cult phenomenon with a quirky mix of metal and funk. The drummer who led all smoothly was Stephen Perkins. Like Ginger Banker was his style largely based on African rhythms. therefore the music of Jane’s Addiction gets a feel much looser than other rock groups. Jane’s Addiction had a short existence and since Perkins is a popular drummer for bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nine Inch Nails.

6. Sly Dunbar

Along with his regular musical partner Robbie Shakespeare plays Lowell Fillmore “Sly” Dunbar, as Sly & Robbie, since the early seventies in countless numbers. Sly & Robbie took first name as session musicians in Jamaica where told they are on work by Black Uhuru, Peter Tosh and The Upsetters. Their own band The Revolutionaries had a lot of success but from the eighties she developed as international session musicians for Grace Jones, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. Dunbar’s style is characterized by a passionate rhythm with a sense of space and very personal touches.

5. John Bonham

The drummer of Led Zeppelin is often considered the best rock drummer of all time. Bonham had a loose style which he combined with unprecedented force, which was well suited to the raw volume of Led Zeppelin during live performances. His powerful style of play is often copied all the swing is hereby mostly forgotten. Bonham is also one of the most sampled drummers ever. His drum sound can be heard on thousands of hip hop records.

4. Dave Lombardo

Led Zeppelin were the forefathers of heavy metal, Dave Lombardo has been the star pupil of John Bonham. Lombardo is one of the original members of Slayer. In the eighties, the group would be the boundaries of metal significant shift, both in terms of the content of texts and speed of the music. Lombardo is often seen as one of the pioneers of the double bass drum sound. Super fast rhythm that is created would become the standard of this metal. However, Lombardo is not only fast but has soft hands and a sense of fantasy which he rises far above the competition.

3. Buddy Rich

Bernard “Buddy” Rich is often considered the best jazz drummer. All the ingredients of drumming strength, speed, subtlety and groove he had in the fingers. Rich played with many greats such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. He drummed his life in different variations of his own band (both as a trio and big band). Rich was once a guest in the Muppet Show where he went for a legendary drum duel with Animal.

2. What Liebezeit

The German band Can early seventies turned into a unique rock band, where the rhythm had a greater role than the texts or solos. Can the engine was the drummer Jaki Liebezeit. Originally he was a jazzdummer but Can he developed his own style that sounds both mechanically and smoothly. The 17-minute “Halleluhwah ‘of the double album Tago Mago is often seen as the masterpiece of Liebezeit. After the collapse of Can work Liebezeit as much demand as a session musician for such diverse artists as Brian Eno, Depeche Mode and Jah Wobble.

1. Clyde Stubblefield

Because his bandleader like all the attention toetrok, he enjoys may not be the biggest name recognition, yet everyone has heard Clyde Stubblefield. In 1965 he joined the band of James Brown where he second drummer John Starks (together also known as The Funk Masters) laid the rhythmic foundation for the classic funk. Stubblefield handles the drums on squatters ‘Sex Machine’, ‘It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World, “” Is not It Funky Now’ and of course ‘Funky Drummer’. Stubblefield is generally considered the most sampled drummer of all time. Especially rhythms of James Brown are used in countless hip-hop songs, but also in-house jungle and return samples of particular ‘Funky Drummer’ settled back. Modern music would sound completely different without the loose drum sound Clyde Stubblefield.


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