Top 10 best road trips in the world

Roads can sometimes be really beautiful. This is then the nature where these roads run through the area or anything else that makes it so special. Go there this summer with a group of friends or family and make some memorable road trips! Below are the 15 best road trips in the world and you have made them really agree.

Some road trips are with some already on the to-do list. So you have the world famous Route 66, the Atlantic Road and the Great Ocean Road. There are many other ways that are more than worth the ride. Whether you want to make a road trip of a few hours, several days or several weeks, everything.

The 15 best road trips in the world

From rugged landscapes to soothing natural phenomena, every road has something unique. Which comes or come on your bucket list stand?

1. Route 1 – Iceland

Route 1, also known as the Ring Road, a highway that runs along the beautiful coast of Iceland. This country is in possession of a unique beauty consists of glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, volcanoes, beautiful cities and much more. Put in 10 days, more than 1,300 kilometers on the only highway from Iceland. Relax in the Blue Lagoon, visit the beautiful capital Reykjavik and admire the flora and fauna in the many parks. Iceland has all the ingredients for an unforgettable road trip the making and therefore is one of the 15 best road trips in the world.

2. Ruta 40 – Argentina

Do you have more time and you’re an adventurous traveler? Ruta 40 runs through the wild and untouched landscapes. Driving on unpaved trails and four weeks on a route of 5,000 kilometers regularly surprised by the flora and fauna. Ruta 40 is the longest highway in Argentina.

Take both hot and cold with clothes, because you drive north from the hot to the cold south. From skiing and giant glaciers to admire stroll through vineyards and swimming in mountain lakes. This road trip you ride at least a month. If you make more stops and here like the time to take, you can be sure that what you’re more days off.

3.  Garden Route – South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful country with panoramic views. The two-day road trip across the Garden Route of 200 kilometers takes you along the African coast, untouched by plantations and spectacular mountains. Spot whales, walk over sand dunes, surfing the rough waves of the African coast and visit the national parks to explore the wild.

Enjoy the wildlife and relax in the clear sea. Visit the impressive gorges, wild rivers and pristine forests. As a nature lover, you can be sure that all your expectations are exceeded when you make a road trip on the Garden Route. This is certainly one of the 15 best road trips in the world.

4. Great Ocean Road – Australia

Australia is a country which is among many in the bucket list. That is perfectly understandable when you look at the beauty and diversity. Beautiful beaches with perfect waves for surfing to rugged mountains, deep gorges, wide world, unique species and tropical highlights.

The Great Ocean Road is 243 kilometers long and lay down in about two days. It is not strange if it takes a little longer, because every time you will be pleasantly surprised by several beauties around you. Go surfing, diving and enjoy the beautiful coast of Australia while taking one of the 15 best road trips in the world.

5. Circuit South Island – New Zealand

Also New Zealand is blessed with natural riches. The forests here are deep green, azure lakes, sparkling white sand beaches, rugged mountains and gorges noting incredibly deep. Would you prefer skiing or scuba diving, rafting, skydiving and surfing? In New Zealand it all.

The South Island Circuit is 2.400 km long and to make in two weeks. You will pass glaciers, lush landscapes and blue lakes. Although the route only shows a small part of the natural beauty of New Zealand, it will be an unforgettable trip. The South Island Circuit is also certainly the 15 best road trips in the world.

6. Amalfi Coast – Italy

It will take you about a day on the 55-kilometer road trip along the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Why is this one of the 15 best road trips in the world? Italy is a beautiful country with cultural, gastronomic and natural highlights. It is a country where many Dutch people like to go in the summer months.

This road trip takes you along the most beautiful part of the Italian coast. You drive down a narrow, steep road and looking out your car window on the rugged coastline. You’ll pass the quaint villages each with its own identity. It is a day full of surprises where you can enjoy a vacation mode. Choose one of 15 most beautiful road trips in the world in a country that is not too far from home!
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7. Atlantic Ocean Road – Norway

Norway is a country that is characterized by huge detail. You’ll find here the fjords and you can spot whales and orcas. It is also to fish, not to mention an ideal destination, a paradise destination for winter sports. Although the Atlantic Ocean Road only 8 kilometers long, have you often have the urge to take a lot of time to enjoy each point.

This short road trip includes 8 wavy bridges that you drive over anxiously. Besides you are the rugged coast. Admire the sensational sea and take the time to take the 8 kilometer you.
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8. Blue Ridge Parkway – USA

In America you often think of large and massive. However, the nearly 800-kilometer road trip from Blue Ridge Parkway scenic areas and conducts peace prevails. You drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains consisting of deep forests and vast meadows.

The four-day road trip goes through North Carolina and Virginia. The road connects two parks, namely Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains. From the car you admire the timeless, natural setting. Take your time and choose to enjoy the sights and activities.
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9. Transfagarasan  – Romania

Romania is a relatively unknown holiday destination for many Dutch. It is a country that is certainly worth exploring. Do this by making one of the 15 best road trips in the world and follow the Transfagarasan 150 kilometers. This is the most famous road in Romania and reaches a height of 2,043 meters. You will be taken by the Fagaras Mountains and runs about exciting hairpin bends. Enjoy the flora and fauna and take time to explore the cultural aspects of the road trip.
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10. Irohazaka Winding Road – Japan

It is one of the 15 best road trips in the world, runs through the beautiful Japan and despite its length filled an endless beauty, Irohaza Winding Road. This 8-kilometer road to take 30 minutes, but you can easily do on a lot longer.

Be prepared, because in the eight kilometer you travel, you drive over as many as 48 hairpin bends through Nikko National Park. Each turn is named after a character in the Japanese alphabet.

11. Road to Hana – Hawaii

Hawaii is the land of the slate, volcanoes, white sandy beaches, rugged golf, culinary delights, the pristine forest landscapes and many other features. The Road to Hana, also known as the Hana Highway is considered one of the highlights of Hawaii. It’s a challenging ride, but well worth it. Continue along the north shore of Maui and go through a lush landscape of waterfalls and forests. The road is 105 kilometers long and suitable for a two-day road trip.
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12. The Flowers Route – Netherlands

Netherlands, a small country with mainly flat landscapes, may also occupy a place on the list of the 15 most beautiful road trips in the world. We have seen it enough, but tourists flock there specifically for this side.

From Haarlem to Naaldwijk follow the Flower Route, also known as the Flower Route. Of course you make a stop at the Keukenhof. What you’ll see here? Vast fields with countless flowers. You are surrounded by the cheerful spring colors of our world famous tulips. It is a wonderful sight and therefore for tourists and also for our Dutch worthwhile to make this 70 kilometer long road trip.

13. Black Mountain Pass – Great Britain

The 40-kilometer road trip across the Black Mountain Pass takes you on hilly, winding roads through the Brecon Beacons. This route is located in the beautiful Wales. Endless moors and historical riches are the specific combination in which the country is famous for. The characteristics of Wales show themselves right back in this route. This road trip is common in the sign of peace and space.

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14. Icefields Parkway – Canada

The Icefields Parkway, also known as the Scenic Highway 93, is ideal for a great road trip that takes you through Banff and Jasper National Parks. Drop by the Canadian Rockies, the valley of the five lakes, the Athabasca Falls and walk the Skywalk Jasper Glacier. There is much more to see, do and experience during a road trip like this.

Canada enjoys a worldwide reputation, which is also explained by the natural beauty she has been blessed with. Again and again you will be surprised by the panoramic vistas. The 232 kilometer long road trip can be completed in three days and without doubt belongs to the 15 best road trips in the world.

15. Grossglockner High Alpine Road – Austria

A route through the high mountains of Austria undoubtedly take your breath away. The Grossglockner is the highest road in Austria. You’ll be surrounded by vast meadows and rugged woodlands. The Grossglockner is nearly 50 kilometers long and takes possession of about one day. It is definitely worth the colorful flower fields, rocky hills, glaciers, green forests and meadows to admire from the car.


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