10 very fine winter sun destinations

In the Netherlands it is getting colder and more often we are treated to the typical Dutch autumn weather. Whether we are well to it or not, winter is coming. Perhaps you have been busy booking your ski destination, but it may also be that you all far too cold and you give more preference to a winter sun destination. Therefore insensitive to the cold today for all of us 10 very fine winter sun destinations. 

10 very fine winter sun destinations

You get really tired of typical Dutch autumn and winter, the winter is not really your thing, or you can use in these cold days some extra vitamin D? Say goodbye to the rain, the wind and the snow, because you go this winter soak up plenty of sun, sea and sand. Of course you ask yourself then on immediately: ‘where?’ That is why today I have some very nice winter sun destinations for putting one by one. What will your friends and family jealous that glorious tan afterwards and what are you good again refueled!

1. Lanzarote

Not only in summer the Canary Islands are very popular, even in winter it is good to stay. In flies only 4 to 4.5 hours you are in the islands and can immediately start your holiday. You might think at first to mass tourism, but actually it is not so bad on this island. Here you can find some pretty deserted beaches, authentic villages, great restaurants. In addition, the temperature is pleasantly warm with temperatures round and often above 20 degrees. In the evening you might need a jacket, but during the day you save the fine in your shorts.

Lanzarote is known for the special nature volcanic black beaches and white low houses. Find any undue rise, because that is simply not allowed. Precisely for that reason, the island retains its authentic atmosphere. Visit the beautiful Timanfaya park, relax on the beaches and enjoy the Spanish and Canarian cuisine.

bijzondere streken lanzarote landschap lijstjes reizen - TOP 10 BEST WINTER SUN DESTINATION

2. Curacao

Perhaps one of the prijzigste winter sun destinations, but a very relaxed. After about 9 to 10 hours flying time you step off the plane in a completely different climate. On  Curaçao  you will find plenty of sunshine, tropical beaches an a very relaxed atmosphere. Are you exhausted from all that hard work? I’m sure you all are here to relax. Visit  Klein Curacao , go shopping in Willemstad or settle down on the tropical beaches. Click here for six very fine beaches in Curacao . Tip:  Take a dive  and snorkelling you can not forget to bring!

curacao strand cas abou beach - TOP 10 BEST WINTER SUN DESTINATION

3. Egypt

As I  wrote earlier , Egypt is a very nice winter destination. Just like Lanzarote and Fuerteventura also applies to Egypt that the flight is relatively short. Egypt is a country that has much to offer any visitor. Are you a true diving enthusiast? You can completely indulge yourself here. Go for that direction Marsa Alam. This place is known as a real dive destination and a beautiful underwater world. Always wanted to swim with dolphins? The  Dolphin Reef – Shaab Sataya swim in the wild with these special animals. Besides all the beautiful underwater Egypt has a lot to offer above water. Lovers of culture and history are all here at the right place. Visit the impressive temples and indulge in stories about Faro’s Cleopatra.

4. Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura also should not miss winter sun destinations in the list. As you reach Lanzarote flying island in about 4 to 4.5 hours. Yet Fuerteventura Lanzarote is completely different. The island is much more touristy and more high-rise buildings. Although you may well avoid the tourist hotspots and you can also find many traditional Spanish spots. Find out  where you can still find real authentic restaurants.

Where Lanzarote occasionally just a volcanic lunar landscape on this island will find the famous sand dunes, white beaches, blue lagoons and a lot more green. The sea is much rougher in places and there by  boaters  the best use of it. It’s fun to rent a car to explore as more of the island, or to do so during a buggy safari. Nice crosses active by nature. Shoppers beware: In Fuerteventura you very good shop. Although the country is officially part of Spain, it is often seen as a country outside Europe. Therefore, you can shop here at a very attractive price and pay a lot less than here in the Netherlands.

Bewerkt oude stad fuerte - TOP 10 BEST WINTER SUN DESTINATION

Old Fuerteventura

5. Thailand

Visit Thailand in the winter, you get a very different climate from than in summer. In summer you have to deal with the fact tropical monsoon and that often means a lot of rain and high humidity. In winter you’ll actually end up in the Thai summer and then the climate is much more pleasant. Choose a sun, sea and beach, you can derive the direction of the islands. Enjoy a cocktail every now and then a swim in the clear water,  great snorkeling  or  diving and thoroughly relax. From personal experience, I would recommend you to do or make a tour. Thailand has so much to discover beautiful and special places, that sin is to just lie on the beach. Cycling through Bankok, the jungle and Of course you should occasionally take a few days break on a tropical beach!

4 snorkelen op koh nang yuan strand streken bijzondere streken - TOP 10 BEST WINTER SUN DESTINATION

6. Bali

Another fine winter sun destination is increasingly popular  Bali . But you should really here a few weeks before pulling out and this has partly to do with the length of the flight. A flight to Bali last because soon about 16 hours and then it’s really a shame if you’re just one week. In addition, the country has so much beauty to discover that a week just simply too short. Bali has a unique culture and friendly people. The nature is beautiful and incredibly diverse. As you walk through the rice fields, you walk in the jungle and as you lie comfortably on a tropical white beach. The underwater world is beautiful with all kinds of tropical fish and coral. For Bali is that it is really advisable to make a tour. Want more tips? Click here for the 10 things you must do in Bali .


7. Dubai

Dubai, the land of luxury and where it is made impossible possible. One after another palm island shooting from the floor and buildings are built so high, you ask yourself whether it is really possible. Take a short “break” to the country, or make it a real winter holiday. Feast your eyes at all imposing buildings, the unique culture and all technological developments. Want to combine your winter vacation yet with a little snow? In Dubai you will find the largest indoor ski slope in the world and that is the real winter sports fan really worth a visit.

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8. Dominican Republic

Also this tropical paradise really should not be missed on the list fine winter sun destinations. Sandy white beaches, swaying palm trees, and a wonderful sun. Choose a relaxing holiday, or just go for an active holiday. Are you in the Dominican Republic, there are plenty of water sports. In the North you good  kiting and surfing  and you in the other parts of the island,  fantastic diving or snorkeling . The island also has many Spanish and Caribbean influences, houses in all colors of the rainbow to expel evil spirits, swinging music and (much) rum.

vakantiedeals bijzondere streken tui actieve streke 7 - TOP 10 BEST WINTER SUN DESTINATION

9. Cape Verde

The Cape Verde islands lie off the west coast of Africa and consists of a total of 10 islands. With about 6 hours flying you reach the islands and can start your vacation. There is a tropical climate, with pleasant temperatures between 24 and 27 degrees. Our winter is the best time to visit the islands. They are volcanic islands with here and there a desert-like appearance. The landscape is therefore very variable. The most popular islands are the islands of  Sal  and  Boa Vista , each with a different look. There is plenty to do on both islands to see and experience. The population is very friendly and always helpful.

3 sal vakantiedeals bijzondere streken kaapverdische eilanden tui actieve streken strandstreken  - TOP 10 BEST WINTER SUN DESTINATION

10. Cuba

Cuba, the land of vintage, rum, cigars and swinging salsa music. Colored colonial houses, stony streets with music on every street corner. If you are in this country, then your feet just can not stand still, because you automatically to the rhythm of the music. Enjoy the sun on the tropical beaches or visit  the swinging city of Trinidad . Also fun:  take a tour of Cuba  and discover all the beautiful jewels of the country.



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