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Top 10 Bob Marley Songs

Bob Marley grew up in the seventies with its accessible and socially critical music of the King of Reggae. After his death in 1981 his fame only increased. Marley’s likeness is found on millions of T-shirts, posters and flags, while continuing to sell his records. What are the ten best Marley songs that expand consciousness?

10. Is This Love

Bob Marley & The Wailers are known for their political songs. Nonetheless forgotten many of the hits not personal. ‘Is This Love’ is one of the most beautiful love songs of the group, and in 1978 it became an international hit. The song is often retreaded below, including by Rihanna.

9. Trench Town Rock

Before Marley international fame he had already scored hits in his native Jamaica. His early work with the legendary producer Lee “Scratch” Perry is very highly rated by reggae purists. “Trench Town Rock” compilation of African Herbsman (1973) is a beautiful song about the power of music and how the listener can just forget all the misery. “Trench Town Rock” is the opening track from Live! (1975), the album that The Wailers final breakthroughs.

8. Sun is Shining

“Sun is Shining” from 1971 is a true Marley song from his early period. The rising sun bodes yet the tone of the song subdued, as if the heat press singer. Marley would “Sun is Shining” re-record giving it got more publicity for the album Kaya (1978). Especially in dance is the number the years remixed countless times over.

7. Stir It Up

Before Marley became famous, some covers of his songs made already for sometime. The unexpected version of “I Shot the Sheriff” by Eric Clapton scored big in 1973 and Johnny Nash scored a big hit with ‘Stir It Up’. Marley was very relaxed love song written six years earlier for his wife Rita. After his breakthrough grew into a true Marley evergreen and in 1979 reached the second place in the Dutch Top 40.

6. Exodus

“Exodus” is the title track of the album generally as Marley’s best work is seen. The year before Marley escaped an assassination attempt, and he decided to leave Jamaica. He went to live in London where he recorded Exodus. The title track is a wonderful example of how Marley reggae further deepens and make it sound more relaxed. Moreover, he can combine his own departure from Jamaica thematically nicely with the exodus of slaves from Africa.

5. No Woman, No Cry

‘No Woman, No Cry’ is the breakthrough of Bob Marley. It is no coincidence that the live version of the song is the best known. Live! 1975 is a document of the triumphant tour that The Wailers same year, Europe made (only would a year later the group playing for the first time in the Netherlands.) The message of ‘No Woman, No Cry “is often misunderstood as though Marley sets that life without women would be better. But Jamaican way he actually wanted to the woman in the song say they should not cry because everything eventually will be fine. Also, “No Woman, No Cry” has been covered by many artists, especially the version of The Fugees proved very successful.

4. Three Little Birds

It is striking that “Three Little Birds” from the album Exodus suddenly appears in 2011 in the top 2000. The explanation is that the song had started a second life in the Amsterdam Arena. Ajax longed for years for a championship and was the low point in 2009 “Three Little Birds” played during the rest of the speakers. The entire stadium sang the chorus, with the comforting “Every little thing is gonna be alright” message, spontaneous, and this created a ritual. Marley Three Little Birds often used as a nickname for his three backing singers.seg?add=10491274&t=2 - TOP 10 BOB MARLEY SONGS

3. Redemption Song

‘Redemption Song’ has a unique place in the oeuvre of Marley as he himself on this song accompanied only by an acoustic guitar. Marley knew in 1979 that he was terminally ill and the understated ‘Redemption Song’ is such a thing as a definitive statement. What ‘Redemption Song’ so special is how Marley despite its announced end still manages to bring a message of hope. For as he says, singing songs of freedom is all he has.

2. Get Up, Stand Up

“Get Up, Stand Up” is one of the popular protest songs in popular music. Marley wrote together with Peter Tosh in 1973 after he was impressed with performances in Haiti poverty in the country. “Get Up, Stand Up” has a hypnotic structure that fits perfectly with the message of the song. The song received over the years a prominent place during performances, mostly as a farewell song. “Get Up, Stand Up” is the last song Marley sang live, this happened on September 23, 1980 in Pittsburgh.

1. Could You Be Loved

Bob Marley & The Wailers never reached the Netherlands the first place in the charts. Three songs made it just does not, including “Could You Be Loved” in 1980. The catchy song is faster than most Marley songs and uses the Brazilian instrument cuíca. This drum ensures the friction characteristic sound you hear especially during the chorus. The text is again typical of how Marley puts the listener on the wrong track. The title suggests that it is a love song but “Could You Be Loved” is about critical thinking, be on guard while being careful to condemn other people. returns since 1999 “Could You Be Loved ‘annual summit in 2000.


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