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The 10 cheapest countries in Europe

Many loves holidays. We prefer to make any vacation time for a trip abroad. “If travel was free, you’d never see me again” is something many travelers encounter. Ideally you want to spend the most beautiful places to visit and all destinations check off your bucket list. Travel costs money unfortunately. Have you booked anything yet for this summer and you would prefer not to spend too much money? These are the 10 best countries in Europe. 

Do not spend as much this year for a vacation, but you want to get away from Netherlands? These are the 10 best countries in Europe, according to research by Eurostat. Enjoy sunny weather, culture, gastronomy, nature, or a combination of these things.

The 10 cheapest countries in Europe

The study by Eurostat prove this to be the cheapest countries in Europe. It was examined consumer goods, restaurant, accommodation and travel expenses.

1. Macedonia

Macedonia opens the list of the 10 cheapest countries in Europe. But few actually know anything about the country. For what makes a country like this attractive? The long, fascinating history, architectural treasures and natural beauty are hallmarks of this unknown, but definitely recommend holiday. Here you will find cities where history has been given a modern twist.

Not only history worth exploring. The nature is a paradise for adventurous travelers. You will be warmly welcomed by the locals. Embrace the culture and learn more about the traditions. Take a stroll through the beautiful green mountains, admire the beauty that you will find in the national parks and explore the Macedonian cuisine.

2. Bulgaria

Bulgaria borders the Black Sea and surrounded by Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. Like Macedonia Bulgaria is situated in the Balkans. In Bulgaria you will find a wide variety of beauty. People who love nature, culture and history come into their own in this land cheap. Even among young people is increasing the popularity of this country, which is also explained by the nightlife.

Bulgaria summer warm temperatures where you can enjoy. The country is in fact blessed with beautiful beaches and clear blue seas. Of a wild nature with imposing mountains to ancient, picturesque villages, beautiful monuments and interesting history, here you can easily enjoy a long vacation.

3. Albania

Albania is one of the 10 best countries in Europe and well worth a visit. The beautiful mountains, a great diversity of culture and beautiful beaches characterize the country. The scenery and unique attractions are parts that constitute the beauty of Albania. Albania is a hidden gem in the Balkans. Traditional towns and architectural highlights are surrounded by the natural beauty that makes it so famous in the country.

4. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Are you looking for a place where nature and architecture are in harmony, a place where you can practice sports in beautiful rivers and a place where it is mountainous beautiful? Bosnia and Herzegovina is intriguing. The particular history is exploring worth. The country has a special beauty that no one less than the locals managed to create. The human warmth that you find in the untouched nature consisting of high mountain peaks, waterfalls and rugged scenery makes for a special experience. Embrace the diverse nature and discover the culture and history in the city.

5. Siberia

Siberia is the second coldest region on earth and yet in possession of a unique beauty. Do not feel this summer in the heat? Here you will find a unique lifestyle. Siberia is blessed with a remarkable, beautiful nature. Further ensures the Siberian hospitality heat. Siberia is not easy holiday. Travelers should do their best to embrace the country. When your energy into finding the beauty of Siberia, you will be rewarded with plenty of surprises.

6. Romania

Romania is an intriguing country where history and natural wealth directly prevail. It is, like the countries mentioned above, not really developed tourist area. This is a shame, because the country has the adventurous traveler so much to offer. The many attractions, culture and unspoiled nature make you an unforgettable trip. Visit cities like Bucharest, Admire castles, churches and monasteries, take a look at the traditions of Romania and relax on the beautiful coast.

7. Poland

How one of the 10 best countries in Europe can best be described? As a historical gem hiding in an untouched landscape of mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches and rolling fields. The Polish population is very friendly despite all they’ve been through.

Are you a sedentary vacationer? pull into the mountains for unforgettable hikes. Go hiking, cycling or mountain biking and entertain yourself with water activities in the rivers and lakes. Visit the cities and visit ruins, Auschwitz, castles and other attractions. Do not forget to surprise your taste buds every time.

8. Montenegro

One of the 10 best countries in Europe is close to Croatia and is just as beautiful as its neighbor. Montenegro has a beautiful coastline with white sand and pebble beaches and azure seas. You can easily spend a couple of weeks. Experience a true holiday full of rest, relaxation and good weather.

Outside a ú against coastline where you say, Montenegro has much more natural schoonheden.De Medieval villages are worth a visit. Thus, the imposing mountain peaks, rolling landscapes, deep green forests and flowing rivers very popular with nature lovers and sporty holidaymakers. Enjoy nature, relaxation, not to mention the kitchen. The population of Montenegro ie understands the local flavors. Also nice to know is that everything here is cheap. For a good meal and a drink, you pay only € 10, -.

9. Hungary

Hungary, what are you nice and not expensive! It is almost impossible not to like this country. Find your art to another level, inspiring architecture, thermal spas and fine scenery. Visit the beautiful cities including Budapest, and be surprised by the beauty of this extraordinary country.

Looking at the architectural highlights, Hungary is a gem hidden treasures. Of ruins, churches and other buildings that speak different eras, here’s to see everything. Take a look into the life of the Hungarians. The country has one of the richest folk traditions in Europe. Think of folk drawings, small churches and other habits that characterize the country. The Hungarian culture you hear the musical sounds and see you back in the craftsmanship of the country. Hungary is the country’s 300 thermal baths. These are to date still used for medical reason and natural relaxation.

10. Turkey

Turkey is a country loved by Dutch and that is not very strange. The wonderful climate, the beautiful, pearly white sandy beaches with turquoise waters and beautiful mountains actually give enough reason to visit Turkey this summer. Furthermore, history tells a great story and the culture is still visible. Visit the beautiful city, meet with Turkish flavors and remember just lovely to enjoy the sun, sea and sand.

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