Top 10 Domestic Attempts to Fly

Abbas Ibn Firnas - Top 10 Domestic Attempts to Fly

Top 10 Domestic Attempts to Fly

Mankind feels attracted to flying. Were we in our past lives birds? Do we find the wind in our hair delicious? Whatever the reason, there are many earthquakes who made crazy attempts to fly. We have put the 10 most dangerous / dumbest in line. One more warning: do not try this at home!

10. James Miller (1993)

James “Fan Man” Miller thought he could fly, using a home-made paraglider. He used this for multiple stunts. His most famous was during a boxing contest in 1993 between Riddick Bowe and Evander Holyfield. He floated the casino where the match took place and stayed 10 minutes in the air. Until he hit one of the power cables and soon found himself in an uncomfortable position, the ropes! Of course, the match had to be shut down, to the great dissatisfaction of the public and the boxers who attacked him massively. Miller got his ‘5 minutes of fame’.

9. Lawyer Hasan çelebi (1633)

Lagari Hasan %C3%A7elebi - Top 10 Domestic Attempts to Fly

The legend is that this Ottomaan wanted to stand on a good leaf in the Sultan in 1633. He stabbed himself in a cannon, along with 63 kilos of gunpowder. Just before he left, he reported that he had a conversation with Jesus. You would think that this man would explode immediately after the gunpowder was lit. But that did not happen. He flew a piece in the air and splashed into the sea. After swam he swam told the sultan that Jesus sent his kind regards.


8. Eilmer of Malmesbury: The Flying Monk (1125)

Eilmer of Malmesbury - Top 10 Domestic Attempts to Fly

Besides trying to fly, little is known about this monk. He not only believed in God, but also that Daedalus ‘s story was true. He constructed wings and jumped from his abbey. He collapsed and broke his legs. He continued to bear the consequences of his flight effort. According to him, his failure was only due to the fact that he had no tail.

7. Yuan Huangtou (559)

Yuan Huangtou - Top 10 Domestic Attempts to Fly

The Chinese emperor Wenxuan had a special habit of hitting his prisoners. He bound them to kites and let them fly. After a hard taste on the ground, they could be buried. But there was one who survived the flight and that was Yuan Huangtou. He really “flew” the kite, made a nice distance and managed to land safely. This can be considered as the first human flight on earth. However, after his landing he did not receive a feast. An execution was waiting for him.

6. Abbas Ibn Firnas (852)

Abbas Ibn Firnas - Top 10 Domestic Attempts to Fly

The Andalusian Abbas Ibn Firnas was a all-knower. He is engaged in astrology, medicine, and was also an engineer. He also tried to fly once. He made wings and covered himself with feathers (probably he thought that caused birds to fly). He jumped from a tower and made a proper flight. However, the landing was not very successful, he was heavily injured on his back. Again here again it was blamed for not having a tail.

5. Larry Walters (1982)

A simple idea also had this man. I can fly, if I only bind enough of helium filled balloons to me. And this was before the movie “Up” had turned into the cinema! For his comfort he ties them to a kind of garden chair. His idea was successful. He flew. But things got tricky when he reached altitudes strictly regulated by the government. His plan was again simple. He would shoot some balloons. But his gun fell down. Larry, too, tangled into electricity wires. He survived his adventure at the bottom.

5. Dan Boria (2015)

Balloons and flies, that’s two hands on one belly, found Dan. This man suffered from previous attempts (see, for example, Larry Walters) and now the movie “Up”. He binds 100 balloons to a chair. He had planned for himself a short flight, but soon he seemed to drift down and fly far beyond expected. He eventually had to jump (the smarter had thought of a parachute), and then received a fine of thousands of dollars. But he thought it was worth it!

3. Franz Reichelt (1912)

Franz Reichelt - Top 10 Domestic Attempts to Fly

Franz had a plan. He wanted to win a match. In addition, he had to invent a lightweight parachute.Always handy during the war that was coming. Franz spent days designing a parachute package!However, his tests did not go successful. However, he could not cry that his dummies did not keep him in the air and announced a public presentation. He pulled up his parachute package, climbed the Eiffel Tower and jumped. His family had to bury him afterwards. Earlier, we wrote about Franz in our inventory list invented by their own invention .

2. Ismail Ibn Hammad Al-Jawhari (1000)

Ismail Ibn Hammad Al Jawhari - Top 10 Domestic Attempts to Fly

A quote from Ismail: “Oh people, nobody did this before. Now I’ll fly for your eyes. The most important thing on Earth is flying to heaven. And I’ll do that now. “ He jumped from the roof of a mosque down with his wooden wings. He died after he hit the ground. An early form of religious madness maybe?

1. Paolo Guidotti (17th century)

Paolo Guidotti - Top 10 Domestic Attempts to Fly

Also in the Renaissance era people were fascinated by the sky. Some dreamed very literally of: I would like to be a bird. Paolo made beautiful wings from wood. He made sure they were covered with feathers. And then he was going to show his art to the audience. It ran as follows: he slipped through the roof and broke his thigh. Too bad.

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