bermuda driehoek - TOP 10 EXPLANATIONS FOR THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE MYSTERIESThe Bermuda triangle: a mysterious area in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Florida and Cuba, where, according to both official and official sources, not only people, but entire ships and planes have disappeared. Is this Bermuda region, a triangular area between Miami, Florida, San Juan, Porto Rico, and the island of Bermuda (named after her discoverer in 1503, Juan de Bermudez), really as dangerous as the popular beliefs we want to think about? The US Navy, in any case, does not think so, they do not recognize the triangle. However, there are enough conspiracy theories that claim there is something that makes the Bermuda Triangle so dangerous.What exactly those statements (or plot theories) suggest, we will treat in these top ten. We start mildly, with some (semi) scientific statements. But do not worry, then we also treat the somewhat wilder, and more popular theories, aliens for example!

Before we start with the real list first, the most ‘common’ statement from most government agencies, namely: there is no Bermuda triangle. Fans of this (non) theory keep in mind that the only reason is that there is so much speculation about the Bermuda Triangle is because it is blown up by authors into a phenomenon, while in fact nothing is going on. The bermuda Triangle embraces a large and very busy area in the Ocean, and given these factors, it is not surprising that many ships are perishing here. According to the nihilists who attach this statement, there would be no greater risk of sailing in the Bermuda Triangle than in equally well-preserved areas elsewhere. In fact, compared to other busy areas, the Bermuda Triangle is in fact not so dangerous. It does not even occur in the top ten most risky ocean regions. So there is no need to explain, according to authorities.

Fortunately, not everyone is so unoriginal, and there are enough other statements, some sensible, others insane.

10. Human failure

Of course, it must be explained why in this area whole ships and sometimes even aircraft disappear, and simply say there are not so many accidents as elsewhere is not a statement for the accidents.Fortunately, we have a particularly rational statement ready for the logic among us who do not want to participate in alien madness, namely: human failure.
It is very possible that most (if not all) Accidents in the Triangle can be attributed to mistakes made by the crew of the unfortunate vehicles, or the external information sources. We take Harvey Conover as an example of an often fatal human error: stubbornness. Harvey sailed in 1958 for better knowing (and better advice) to the Bermuda Triangle and came over. However, there was nothing mysterious about it, he sailed in the middle of one of the most heavy storms of the season! No, we can assign a lot of nonsense to alien creatures, but this was really a moment of human failure. And so, more Bermuda accidents could be explained, according to fans of this theory.
But if this is a solution then she is not satisfactory. After all, why do we not make such human failures more often outside the Bermuda Triangle? What’s inside that triangle that causes us to make more mistakes? A number of technical and scientific statements that follow now can help.

9. Compass deviations


An obvious statement differs from the compass. The compasses of ships and planes should always be pointed to the north, and as such they can keep a ship or plane on track. What if a ship’s compass does not work well in the Triangle region? Scientificly, it is not even a remarkable assumption, because there are many places on earth where a normal compass does not point north exactly. Take for example the poles themselves. But elsewhere, for example, in the Gobi desert, a compass does not point to the north, but instead, it runs a bit roughly around.
One scientific fact known for centuries among navigators is that a compass from place to place always differs slightly from the real North (except for a specific number of places). It is therefore not strange that the compass changes over the big distances that the triangle entails. However, where do the emergency calls come from ships that came about in a Bermuda disappearance just before they disappeared from the radio: “The compass is hollowing!”. Other explanations are required!

8. Gravitational fields

Gravity (gravity) occurs in certain concentrations, although we do not notice this because we are so used to the ‘normal’ concentration. However, sometimes there is a certain thickening in concentration, a “mass concentration” or mascon in astrophysical terms. In such places, gravity is suddenly a lot stronger than normal. In fact, there is a minimal variation on the ‘normal’ concentration anywhere on earth, but this is usually so small that we can not perceive it. However, fans of this statement may want, under the Bermuda Triangle, a mascot so violent that it is able to sink whole ships, as these ships accidentally make their downward motion between two large waves.

7. The Gulf Stream


The Gulf Stream is a kind of ocean-river, it is a warm flow in the Atlantic Ocean, which flows along the East Coast of North America (and afterwards Europe is warming up). This current is about 100 kilometers wide and one mile deep and the speed is about 2.5 meters per second (9km per hour). For an otherwise fairly calm ocean, this is a decent speed (and most people can not even keep the flow running long). Guess three times where this flow is at its fastest. Exactly, in the Bermunda Triangle region. Therefore, the Gulf Stream is one of the most popular scapegoats for the Bermuda disappearances.
The Gulf Stream is in particular an explanation of why we can hardly find lost ships after they have disappeared from the radar. Instead of being dematerialized by alien creatures, the ship might simply be bumped into a piece of golf stream. After all, ships do not sink directly as bricks, but have been driven away for a while. During that time, a ship can be bumped far from its original ‘accident’ location.
But why did all those ships and aircraft invalidate? If you did not find the previous solutions to the mystery, then the following might be: stink gas.

6. Methane bubbles

Methane gas is a gas that comes from winds, especially cows, but this is not the only source of it.Indeed, there are plenty of gas bubbles with this gas as the main occupant under the seabed. Some of these bubbles are just below the seabed, some kilometers deep. How many there are, around the world, science does not (yet) know exactly, but there might be such bubbles in the Bermuda triangle, of course.
What is the problem with these gas bubbles, other than that they may smell strange? Well, the problem is in their bursts, as we saw in the 2010 oil spill with the Deepwater Horizon (an oil drill plant for the Louisiana coast). This disaster was also caused by a methane bubble that burst because of drilling activities.
Such gas bubble explosions as in the Deepwater Horizon disaster may also have been the cause of accidents in the Bermuda Triangle. Such a bubble can also burst out of itself, or because of an earthquake, for example. Perhaps there is no strong explosion in that case, but nevertheless a ship may sink. The gas, ascends, rises from the seabed to the surface and the gas makes the water porous.Because of the gas bubbles, the normally “dense” water can no longer carry a ship. After all, ships sail on water, and not on gas. Every seaworthy vehicle would go into such a sea of ​​gas, in less than ten seconds. The sea extinguishes the whole ship.
Unfortunately science can not confirm what the supporters of this idea suspect: there are in fact no more methane bubbles cracked in the ocean bottom in the Bermuda Triangle than elsewhere. What then?


5. Wispy weather


Florida and the surrounding United States are known for their hurricanes. Not for nothing is the area in Northeast America and Central America called the Hurricane Alley. As a responsible and knowledgeable captain, it is quite easy to avoid hurricanes today, because by satellite we can accurately predict where one will break loose. But that was not always the case, and it may be that some of the first mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda region are indeed due to a showdown between ship and hurricane!
One of the pros of this explanation is that he also works for aircraft. After all, one of the most dangerous “by-products” of a hurricane are the fall currents (called microburst), a rupture wind that can occur at the edges of a hurricane. These winds reach speeds of up to 270 kilometers per hour (please note, the “Hurricane” category in the Wind Power table (wind power 12) starts at 120 kilometers per hour!). It is quite possible that such winds will be the fatal blow for pilots, and once they have crashed into the great Atlantic Ocean (say in the Gulf Stream), how do we ever find them again?
But, apart from (geo-, astro- or meteo-) physical statements, what else can be the cause of mysterious disappearances?

4. Pirates!


Arg! Pirates! With popular Hollywood movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, most of us today have a somewhat romantic and yet positive image of pirates. However, in reality, pirates are not only something of the Golden Age, but are still active on the oceans. Moreover, this present is anything but romantic. In fact, they are known for their cruel and ruthless conduct and their activities in particular drugs, people and arms trafficking. No romantic activity, that in any case.
It is possible that pirates have a hand (had or still) sinking and disappearing so many ships in the triangle. Because of the effort to sell a captured ship on the international market today, many pirates can be more beneficial to just sink such a ship. After all the wealth has been transferred, of course, and the crew has won the slice. But are there really enough pirates in this region to explain all disappearances? And why only here?
So far, we have not found a satisfactory statement, so let’s look at the somewhat wilder statements.

3. Wormholes

A break in space and time, according to some, is exactly the right explanation for the Bermuda accidents. According to Einstein’s relativity theory space and time is a single entity, and everything exists in the same time space. But this time space, a type of fabric on which everything is stuck, can contain holes, such as black holes. What’s on the other side of such a hole? And can such black holes also occur in a much smaller size, let’s say, just below a ship in the Bermuda triangle, maybe?
Such small black holes are also called wormholes in the sci-fi world, or a “wormhole”, and they are more or less short in the space space, allowing you to quickly jump from one place to another in the space. Is it possible?
Well, science can not answer no to this question. The math is simply not advanced enough to deny it, but most likely it is not. But still, yet.
Take Carolyn Cascio, a veteran pilot who occasionally fled to the Bahamas. On June 7, 1964, she flew from Nassau to Grand Turk Island, across a stretch of Bermuda Triangle. However, when she arrived she did not see the crowded island she had seen before. She saw exactly the right island, so we can hear from her radio, but without any human signs of life. As if she found the island in her untouched state about 1000 years ago.
The radio told Carolyn that she had her in the picture that she had the right island and that she could land at any moment. But Carolyn did not do that at all because she could not even find the whole airport. She flew over the airport repeatedly but could not find anything despite the encouragement of the tower and radio. Indeed, her radio did not even receive the attempts of the tower while the tower could hear her. In the end Carolyn flew back to Naussau, but neither she nor her passenger nor the plane itself was ever seen again. Creepy…

2. Alien creatures!


Finally we ended up with the explanation everyone was waiting for: aliens. No need for complicated physical explanations or explanations, after all, alien creatures have technology that is so far ahead of ours that we can not understand. Fixed all the problems, after all: better technique.
And why would Aliens have to do with the Bermuda Triangle. Evident, alien creatures are obviously interested in the human race, and want copies of us to experiment with. By boat and all, if it is to, because, the technology for that is what they have. This would explain, among other things, what happened to the USS Cyclops, a navy ship that took 11,000 tons of manganese and lost traceability, leaving no trace behind. This happened in 1918, by the way, a long time ago, and before the time we could follow such things with a satellite. Inexplicable, so it must have been aliens! Or…

1. Atlantis


If you are tempted to use alien creatures as scapegoat, then you may be interested in the following theory: Atlantis . Namely, about four to five meters underwater, just before the coast of Bimini Island (in the Bermuda region, of course) are found structures that are apparently made by human hands. It is called the Bimini Road, and was discovered by scuba divers in 1986. It is a construction of limestone and has the appearance, as you already suspect, of a road.
It is so regular and well done that one can only imagine that they are made by people. And considering it’s under water, it must be an indication of Atlantis, the sunken city.
Okay, Atlantis so, near the Bermuda Triangle. What is the matter with sunken ships? What if the advanced culture of Atlantis has survived the sinking of the city? Suppose there are still Atlantians underwater, which, despite our current advanced sonar and radar, have remained undecided? Such submarine civilization should indeed be very advanced in order to survive, six miles below the water surface. Little animals can do that! But oh, technique? And if they are indeed so advanced then we can easily also assign electromagnetic fields to them, right? Hence all sunk ships and planes, and mysteriously disappeared fragments! Indeed, even the most advanced civilization needs spare parts, every now and then.
So far the ten statements for the mysteries around the Bermuda Triangle. Everyone’s favorite explanation, my voice goes to the wormholes