10 Famous Ghost Cities

Cities without life, it’s a unique sight. Nevertheless, worldwide prices have already been paid this name in the name of progress. The top ten below will take you on a journey to these ‘ghost cities‘.

10. Kijong-dong – North Korea


The North Korean village of Kijong-dong is one of the victories of the Korean conflict. For example, in North Korea it is also known as the ‘Vredesdorp’. The enemy is called ‘Propagandadorp’. Kijong-dong is one of two villages, whose existence is tolerated in the demilitarized zone, which helped to resolve the Korean dispute in 1953. The second village is the South Korean Daesong dong. Officially, Kijong-dong is today a collective farm of two hundred families. Modern espionage shows, however, that the houses are empty cans without windows or doors. Lights are switched on and off at regular intervals via a computer to trigger the illusion of activity; Like the street sweeper who regularly sweeps the streets.


Earlier we mentioned this village to the best sights in North Korea . Yes those are there!

9. Bodie America


In 1886, explorers Tommy Ryan and Phil Creasor discovered a mineralized mine mine in the north of Okanogan County. They claim the area, soon known as the Republic. It’s the beginning of what will become Washington later. The quality of iron ore in the grounds of Republic causes a variety of mines and mining communities (so-called townships) to arise. Bodie is one of them – until the crash of the gold prize in 1934. The mine ditch and the buildings were abandoned. Out of town, an estimated 1.2 million dollars were recovered in gold, and Bodie Creek would still keep gold. There is another body in America, more specifically in California. This body is named after the gold hunter Bodey, who discovered a gold mine there. It is also a ghost town today, it is one that serves as a historic state park.

8. Kayaköy, Turkey

Kayak%C3%B6y - TOP 10 FAMOUS GHOST TOWNSPhoto: Nikodem Nijaki / Wikicommons

Kayaköy is a village eight kilometers south of Fethiye, in southwest Turkey. Until 1923 it was a branch of Greek Christians, built on the remains of the ancient Greek city of Carmylessus, in the 18th century.Today it is a ghost town, which is cherished as a museum. The site consists of about five hundred, largely intact ruins, whose main attractions are two Greek orthodox churches. A selection of typical Greek houses was renovated and remains inhabited until today.

7. One City, Nine Towns, Shanghai, China (incl. Holland Village)

One City Nine towns - TOP 10 FAMOUS GHOST TOWNSPhoto: Huai-Chun Hsu / Wikicommons
one city nine towns - TOP 10 FAMOUS GHOST TOWNSPhoto: triplefivechina / Wikicommons
holland village - TOP 10 FAMOUS GHOST TOWNSPhoto: Bert van Dijk / Flickr

One city, nine villages; That was the project that Shanghai’s City Council had in mind when it commissioned nine foreign architects in 2001 to relieve the population of Shanghai through the creation of nine satellite cities. The cities were spread throughout Shanghai and each received their own theme, depending on the origin of the architect: China, Germany, England, Italy, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, North America and Spain. The Dutch creation of Atelier Dutch and Kuiper Compagnons is based on Amsterdam and is known as ‘Holland Village’, in Pudong. However, the outskirts are unsuccessful and remain largely uninhabited.

6. Prypjat – Ukraine


In northern Ukraine, near the border with Belarus, Pripyat is abandoned. The city was named after the nearby, same-name river. It was founded on February 4, 1970 as the ninth “nuclear” city of the Soviet Union. This happened to give a place to the Chernobyl nuclear reactor and its workforce. In 1979, Pripyat was officially proclaimed. The population swelled to around 49,360 people. Until the conscious April 26, 1986, when the reactor started and one of the biggest nuclear disasters in history became a fact. A few days before, the village was evacuated. Since then it is locked in the center of the ‘Exclusion Zone’.

5. Purpose – Belgium

doel belgie - TOP 10 FAMOUS GHOST TOWNSdoel spookstad belgie - TOP 10 FAMOUS GHOST TOWNSPictures: Friedrich Tellberg / Wikicommons

Purpose is a municipality of Beveren in East Flanders, Belgium. It is located near the Schelde, in a polder of Waasland. For years, purpose was known for its nuclear park, the famous Doel nuclear power plants. In recent decades, however, the village is mainly in the news through ongoing expulsions and expulsions. In theory, the purpose is to deviate from the expansion of the port of Antwerp through the construction of the Saeftingheidok. However, Doel’s status remains unclear until today. Still, there are about 45 original Doelenaars and 35 injuries from after 2000. Eleven families have another property, which can only be released through expropriation. Opponents of the port expansion mainly attract the cultural wealth of the village, including many historical monuments and the unique polder area, which also plays an important ecological role in the Waasland.

4. Oradour-sur-Glane, France

Oradour sur Glane - TOP 10 FAMOUS GHOST TOWNS

On June 10, 1944, shortly after D-Day, SS officer Adolf Diekmann closed his Waffen SS battalion to the village of Oradour-sur-Glane. According to his information, the resistance here holds one of his fellow rulers. Diekmann makes a mistake. The village about which he was informed is actually called Oradour-sur-Vayres and is nearby. Nevertheless, the whole village, such as 642 people – including women, children and casual passers-driven – is driven to the town square. Women and children are locked up in the church, which is being burned. In a sixth barn the men are demobilized and gasped over. The barns are also being burned. In total there are 190 men, 247 women and 205 children during the massacre.The village became a deserted museum in one blow. In addition, President Charles de Gaulle built a new village.

3. Varosha – Cyprus

Varosha - TOP 10 FAMOUS GHOST TOWNSVarosha 2 - TOP 10 FAMOUS GHOST TOWNSPictures: M (e) ister Eiskalt / Wikicommons

In the early 1970s, it did not look so much at all; But since 1974, Varosha is indeed a ghost town. The glory times of this tourist paradise – full of festive skyscrapers and stately hotels – were once upon a time crushed by the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. All residents evacuated the infamous city quarter near Famagusta, which until then had left home from as many riches of earth and world stars as Elisabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Brigitte Bardot.

2. Hashima – Japan

Hashima - TOP 10 FAMOUS GHOST TOWNSPhoto: kntrty / Wikicommons
Hashima verlaten eiland james bond - TOP 10 FAMOUS GHOST TOWNSPhoto: Jordy Meow / Wikicommons

Battleship Island, so is Hashima also called. The country strip is one of 505 uninhabited islands in the Nagasaki Prefecture, located about 15 kilometers from Nagasaki itself, and seems to be on a battleship from above. From 1887 to 1974, during the industrialization of Japan, the island was inhabited to exploit the local coal mines. However, with the rise of petroleum in the 1960s, this operation became obsolete. Since then, the city has been abandoned and, in 1974, the mining definition was also closed by Mitsubishi. Since 2009, you can visit it again as a tourist. You can also recognize the island as one of the locations of the James Bond movie Skyfall.

1. Kangbashi – China

‘Kangbashi New Area’ is a subdivision of the Chinese city of Ordos, northern China. The new district district originated at the inauguration of the town council of Ordos. The abundance of natural resources caused enormous economic expansion, while the expansion of the Ordos desert caused an even shortage of water – which posed problems for local urban infrastructure. Kangbashi was the solution: an enormous area of ​​355 square kilometers near three water reservoirs and good for housing one million people. But after an effort of 161 billion dollars, the area was almost 35 square kilometers in 2010 and had a capacity of only 300,000 people. And then most (residential) houses and (high-tec) public buildings are empty; Something that even a huge fall in property prices in 2011 could not change. Since then, Kangbashi is considered a lost case.


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