TOP 10 Famous Hackers and Hackers

Anonymous - TOP 10 Famous Hackers and Hackers

Top 10 Famous Hackers and Hackers

Hackers like no other people like to play the web. Some do that from idealism, others have less beautiful intentions. But popular or not: their influence on society, technology and legislation is great.Below you will find out about the 10 best known hackers and hackers groups.

10. John “Captain Crunch” Draper

John Draper - TOP 10 Famous Hackers and Hackers

John Thomas Draper (1943) is known in the environment as Captain Crunch, Crunch of Crunchman.This name is thanks to the mascot of the Cap’n Crunch cereal flakes. These cereals played a major role in the hack that drapered Draper in the early 1970s. With the gift of Cap ‘n Crunch, Draper managed to crack the then (in-band) long-distance network of AT & T telephone provider. However, he did not do that unpunished. Between 1976 and 1978 he was locked up for telephone fraud. He used his time to write EasyWriter, the first word processor of the Apple II.

9. Robert Tappan Morris

Robert Tappan Morris - TOP 10 Famous Hackers and Hackers

Robert Tappan Morris (1965) is an American computer scientist and entrepreneur. He is famous for the Morris Worm. In 1988 it was the first Internet virus. Morris developed him from the curiosity to the size of the internet. On its way, however, the worm exposed many weak (safety) spots. Morris immediately became the first person convicted on the basis of the new Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.


8. Adrian Lamo

Adrian Lamo - TOP 10 Famous Hackers and Hackers

Adrian Lamo (1981) came to the media eye after breaking into a number of high profile computer networks. His victims were The New York Times, Yahoo! and even Microsoft. In 2003, these practices led to his arrest. In 2010, he found himself on the other side of the medal when he told US federal authorities PFC Bradley Manning (meanwhile Chelsea Manning) for leaking hundreds of thousands of sensitive government documents at WikiLeaks. Manning was indeed sentenced to 35 years imprisonment.

7. Michael Calce

Michael Calce - TOP 10 Famous Hackers and Hackers

As a hacker, Michael Calce called MafiaBoy. Calce was another student when he conducted a series of denial-of-service attacks on well-known online chains like Yahoo !, and in 2002 in West Island, Quebec. Dell, E * TRADE, eBay and CNN also did not escape. Such an attack sends so much communication to the affected servers that they simply short-circuit. Especially Yahoo! got tired of it. They were the most used search engine at the time.

6. Kevin Poulsen

Kevin Poulsen - TOP 10 Famous Hackers and Hackers

Today, Kevin Poulsen (1965) is a journalist specializing in digital security, but in the past the world knew him as a black hat hacker. His most famous hack was the acquisition of all KIIS-FM telephone lines, a well-known Los Angeles radio station. Poulsens 102th caller would be rewarded with a Porsche 944 S2. As a result of his “attacks”, Poulsen was sought by the FBI and lived for a while as a refugee. The black hat hacker was eventually locked up for five years and could not use any computers until three years after his release.

5. Max Ray “Iceman” Butler

Max Ray Iceman Butler - TOP 10 Famous Hackers and Hackers

Also today, Max Ray Vision (formerly Max Ray Butler, alias Iceman) is in the Oakdale Federal Detention Center. He is imprisoned for 13 years for Internet fraud. Butler stole, among other things, 2 million credit card numbers, which he spent about $ 86 million. His arrest date from 2007 when he was arrested as a Carders Market operator, where cybercimals can buy and sell sensitive information. After his punishment, Vision will be under supervision for another five years. His victims have now been repaid $ 27.5 million. His punishment is for the time being the heaviest in the history of cybercrime.

4. LulzSec

lulzsec - TOP 10 Famous Hackers and Hackers

LulzSec is the abbreviation of Lulz Security. LulzSec is not an individual but a hackers group. She gained popularity with a number of high-profile attacks, including one on Sony’s Playstation Network user accounts, in 2011. Also, the offline download of the CIA website was claimed by LulzSec. In professional environments, the group is feared, but also a little admired for the way they draw attention to unsafe systems and the risks of reuse of passwords.

3. Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon - TOP 10 Famous Hackers and Hackers

The Scot Gary McKinnon (1966) is a professional system administrator. As a hacker, he was accused of the biggest military computer hack of all time in 2002. McKinnon himself maintains that he was only looking for evidence: among other things, how the government impedes the free supply of energy, and how UFO activity is stopped in the binoculars. Between February 2001 and March 2002, McKinnon sought 97 US Military and NASA computers as “Solo”. He is now charged with 7 computer crimes, which can lead to cell punishment for up to 10 years.

2. Kevin Mitnick

kevin mitnick - TOP 10 Famous Hackers and Hackers

Kevin Mitnick (1963) first obtained unauthorized access to a computer network in 1979. At the age of sixteen, he broke into the system of the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), where he copied all software. Not much later, he also collapsed the Pentagon, NSA, and major computer companies such as Dell, Compaq and Digital. When a burglary ended, he made copies of the program code (source code) of new applications to study them. He was caught, and his conviction was heavier than that for a murder. For copying source code, he was also sentenced without trial. This created the “Free Kevin” movement, an organization that created a lot of buzz on the Internet on the Internet. From 2003 he is again free and works as an adviser in the security industry. The attacking technique that Mitnick used, is now called Social engineering.

1. Anonymous

Anonymous - TOP 10 Famous Hackers and Hackers

Anonymous is an international network of activists and hackers. They are not so much united by a central structure, but by shared ideas. As a movement, Anonymous became known by a number of denial-of-service hacks, which endorsed websites of governments, religious groups and companies.Over the years, dozens of arrests have been made in connection with these and other attacks, including in the Netherlands and Belgium. The appreciation for the work of the group differs greatly. For some, there are freedom fighters and digital Robin Hoods. For others, Anonymous is a portrayal of cyber terrorism. In any event, in 2012, the group was considered to be the 100 most influential ‘persons’ in the world by Time Magazine.

Top 10 Famous Hackers and Hackers

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