Top 10 Fun Ideas For A Kids Party

The children’s party that your child wants to give depends, of course, on the age, personality and interests of your child. Of course, this top 10 can not be the top 10 list for everyone, but maybe there are one or more nice ideas between. The list consists of both original and less original ideas. These last ideas are also included because they are very much loved by children.

10. Theme party

A theme party is given mostly by young children. It usually goes with boys to have a pirate party and girls at a princess party. You can of course also choose other (television) heroes, such as a Mike de Ridderfeest or a Mega Mindy party. Here are activities you can think of at a pirate party or princess party.
• An invitation, decoration, plates and cups with princesses / pirates print
• Dress up come as princess or pirate
• Decorate cake or cakes in the atmosphere of the theme
• decorate / decorate a crown or pirate hat / canvas
• A search trip, where the pirates are looking for the treasure and princesses to a jewelry box. The treasure and the jewelry box are a grabbelton, from which every child can grab a candy / gift
• Hire a cushion / tent in the form of a pirate ship or castle
• Watch a pirate movie or princess movie

9. Art festival


Go with a children to a museum or invite someone to give the children an artistic / creative workshop.There are many museums in the Netherlands that organize complete children’s parties, but you can also choose a museum that does not. Then you can make the children make a fitting piece of art after you have been to the museum. Perhaps you know an artist, craftsman or other person who is creative.Let those pass by to make the children an ‘artwork’. Whether you are looking for someone on the internet that can come along.

8. Old-fashioned games

There are many activities from the old box that are still doing well in children. Think about your own childhood, then come up with nice ideas. Here are also some old-fashioned games in a row:
• Chair dance (also with pillows if there are insufficient seats)
• blind man (feeling something / feeling, taste, smell or hear that you do not see)
• live goose board (available on the internet)
• the shawl
• slacks
• tin cans

7. Sports tournament

Rent a gym or go to the sports / lawn with the children. Create two or more teams (think of ribbons or T-shirts). Let them participate in various sports matches such as football, basketball, volleyball, softball and the like. It depends on what’s available and what you have on attributes for which sports you choose. Keep the results of the matches well, because the winners naturally earn a medal or cup.

6. A trip to a play paradise

This is definitely not an original idea, but one of which makes sure that the children will enjoy themselves. Take them to a playground and you will not have to work hard as a parent. It is possible for all playgrounds to organize a complete children’s party. Then you will also enjoy all kinds of treats for children, including cake, chips, soda, fries, ice cream and the like.

5. Disco (sleep) party

Many children love dancing. In any case, younger children, but also the somewhat older girls find dancing very cool. That’s all the way if it happens in the dark. A discotheque can be given during the day, but in the evening that is also possible (if the age allows). Dodge a large space and decorate it with all kinds of beautiful ornamentation and spectacular lighting. Put the favorite music of your son / daughter and let the children swing well. Give drinks to them in cocktail glasses. Make all sorts of tasty snacks that you put on a big table or serve you during the party. If it’s an evening party, you can also let them stay. Of course there is a (scary) movie with popcorn or chips. It’s especially fun if you show the movie on a very large (cinema) screen.

4. Cooking party

Cooking is becoming more and more popular in adults and also in children in the Netherlands. Cooking or baking together will make children very enjoyable. Give them all a cookie nut on their heads and a cooking apron (which may even decorate themselves). You can cook and bake everything with them.The most important thing is that you make something that everyone has enough to do. Below are a few examples. You can also do more than one cooking party.
• Baking biscuits: make up, roll out, protrude
• Making water ice cream: cut, mix and mold fruit
• Make fruity juice (cocktails): cut fruit, mix, pour in cocktail glasses and make umbrellas
• Decorate pancakes: with fruit, ice cream, whipped cream, powdered sugar, syrup and other decoration
• Gourmets
• Cheese fondue

3. Circus presentation


You can go to a circus (or theater) with the children, but you can also make a circus show at home. For this you rent a large (circus) tent or make a tent of cloths. You will prepare a few circus acts in advance to allow the children to practice. Here you create a script of each component. You can choose clowns, dancers, acrobats, magicians and animal lovers (and animals). Divide the children into groups and let them practice on the circus acts. You can also choose not to write scripts and make them work out. You can also buy or rent some circus attributes, such as a single cyclist, diabolo or a magic box. Perhaps you know someone from the circus who can help you with this or would you like to hire someone.

2. Picnic in nature

Go with the children to a large lawn, to the forest, to the beach or other nature reserve. Take a big suit and all sorts of sweets for a big picnic. In addition to picnics, you can also organize fun games for the children, such as hiding things, tikkertje, hideaway, sandcastles, building huts and the like. You probably do not even have to invent anything. Such a (natural) area ensures that the children enjoy themselves well.

1. Hunting trip

If we think of a children’s party, one of the first activities that will come to us will be a search trip. That is the most of us from our own youth. This is also something that today’s children are still a big success.Hunting trips are available in many types and sizes. Below are some ideas.
• Traditional arrows search trip (why to do hard if it’s easy …)
• Photo search: Make pictures of the places where the children are to go and give the children a couple of pictures (with a number to be searched for afterwards).
• Hike with another vehicle: Older children can also ride bikes, stepping, skateboarding, skating and the like. Let them take this vehicle or hire another original vehicle to take the search
• Horseback riding with gps: There are many of these explorations on the internet, with the children looking for something through satellite navigation compass. If you do not have a gps, you can rent them too.


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