Top 10 Horror Movie Icons

Top 10 Horror Movie Icons

Horror movies have always had a double feel about the bad luck. Often the killer grew into a cult figure.Hence, these nasty characters resurrect so often from death and continue in their pursuit of their dark practices. Who are the ten biggest horror icons you do not want to meet in the dark?

10. Jigsaw

jigsaw - Top 10 Horror Movie Icons

Saw has grown into a long series of horror films in a short period of time. To a large extent, this is due to the figure Jigsaw. John Kramer has a deadly tumor in his frontal brainwash. When he survives a suicide attempt, Kramer sees the usefulness of life again. With ingenious puzzles, he will now let people realize that their lives must actually be lived. If they are able to survive his constructions, of course.

9. Samara Morgan

Samara Morgan - Top 10 Horror Movie Icons

The Ring films originally came from Japan, where the main figure Sadako Yamamura grew into a national phenomenon. In the very successful American remakes, the girl is called the long black hair Samara Morgan. She has been left as a adopted child by her parents for death in a well. In the end, she returns, thanks to the curse of a video tape. Whoever watches these images has seven days to live unless a copy is passed to someone else.

8. Pennywise

Pennywise - Top 10 Horror Movie Icons

It is one of Stephen King’s scary books. This is largely due to the evil Pennywise the Dancing Clown who terrorizes children in a village. King slammed Pennywise into fear of clowns. The filming of It as a miniserie in 1990 might not be a masterpiece, but Tim Curry put down a memorable Pennywise with mean jokes and a lot of horror.

7. Chucky

chucky - Top 10 Horror Movie Icons

The Child’s Play series has been creating unpleasant moments since 1988. A killer with occult powers is shot during a pursuit. Before he dies, he transports his soul into a doll. When this Chucky gets into a family, he begins to terrorize anyone who does not see him. In addition, he scoures foul with classic uneliners.

6. Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal Lecter - Top 10 Horror Movie Icons

With Silence of the Lambs, the serial killer got a new dimension. Instead of a stupid killer, there was suddenly an elegant and well-known Englishman named Hannibal Lecter. Still life-threatening when he can get on free feet because his cannibalistic traits are never healed. Anthony Hopkins put down an unforgettable Hannibal the Cannibal. Lecter has been played by Manhatt in Brian Cox. Lecter would grow into a series of sequel films, remakes and a television series into a unique horror scene for which the viewer feels involuntary sympathy.

5. Pinhead

Pinhead - Top 10 Horror Movie Icons

Horror writer Clive Barker filmed his own story The Hellbound Heart as Hellraiser in 1987. Whoever solves a mysterious puzzle in this movie is being visited by a group of demon-like characters that hurt the unfortunate unprecedented pain. The leader of these Cenobites soon got the name Pinhead as his head was fired with nails. Hellraiser set a new standard for horror movies and knew about eight sequel movies in which Pinhead returns steadfastly. In the Netherlands, Pinhead grew into a gabberscene icon because celebrations called Hellraiser enjoyed a huge popularity.

4. Leatherface

Leatherface - Top 10 Horror Movie Icons

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre created a new style horror movie in 1974. Four youngsters are losing their way deep in Texas. They want to stay in an abandoned house. Some of them can not curb curiosity and take a look at the neighbors. This house also seems to leave but behind a door appears a tall man with a apron and a mask made of man skins. Soon the others find out that he can go well with a chain saw. The silent Leatherface and its equally disturbed relatives return to a large number of sequels and remakes. The killer killer would be copied in countless movies.

Top 10 Horror Movie Icons

3. Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees - Top 10 Horror Movie Icons

With The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the modern slasher movie was born. In this, a disturbed, usually silent man chases a group of teenagers to kill them one by one. Friday the 13th appeared to have perfected the formula in 1980. A group of teenagers helps to set up a summer camp. Several years ago, two teenagers were killed without the killer ever caught. He still seems to be around in a raincoat and begins to kill the youngsters in a terrible way. The defamation of the murderer proves to be a great surprise. In countless sequel films, ruthless killer Jason was given a more prominent role and became his ice hockey mask, preferably in combination with a knife, world-renowned.

2. Michael Myers

Michael Myers - Top 10 Horror Movie Icons

Halloween (1978) was made with a tiny budget that earned it a lot. John Carpenter directed not only the movie but also made the legendary soundtrack that creates so much atmosphere. A psychiatrist visits an old patient named Michael Myers. According to him, it is the perfect murder machine.Obviously, he escapes on a stormy evening to return to the village where he used to be a child on Halloween, his first murder. The teenagers including young Jamie Lee Curtis do not know that the silent man with a mask spies them and wants to kill. Halloween has been very influential and many aspects have become clichés of the horror genre. For example, the silent Michael Myers does not get killed and returns to a large number of follow-up films.

1. Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger - Top 10 Horror Movie Icons

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) continues the Halloween formula by specifying a supernatural twist.Teenagers suffer from the same dream in which a man with a burned face pursues them. Soon one of them is killed in both dream and in real life by this Freddy Krueger. This child’s murderer once came to death because of a flawed form after which he was murdered by the parents. With his hat, striped sweater and glove knife, Freddy became a cult figure who strokes in many sequel movies with unclean while making new victims. In 2003, Freddy Krueger would be in a movie together with Jason who is the worst horror icon.

Top 10 Horror Movie Icons

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