TOP 10 Incorrect predictions OF the end of the world

TOP 10 Incorrect predictions OF the end of the world - TOP 10 Incorrect predictions OF the end of the world

TOP 10 Incorrect predictions OF the end of the world

The end of the world! Who is not a little curious about what? Finally, it’s all about us! Most predictions are not discriminatory, everything and everyone will perish. Although other predictions sometimes have a certain group of survivors. Take the Ark of Noah, all those aboard did not suffer so much from all the Apocalypse. The remnants, however, Noah’s neighbors were less happy!

Throughout history there have been many people who thought they could make an estimate when the world would perish. Whether through divine intervention, by calculation or reasoning, they thought the year, and sometimes even predict the exact date. Fortunately for us, many of these doom thinkers missed the false side. After all, the world is still not perished. Although there is still a future in which it can happen, we want to give this top 10 of predictions that were really wrong.

TOP 10 Incorrect predictions OF the end of the world

10. The year 2000: Millennium crash!

2000 - TOP 10 Incorrect predictions OF the end of the world

The millennium change was a popular year for doomsday men. Not only would all computers crash (Y2K), but the world could even perish. Already in the thirteenth century, this was predicted by Peter Olivi, a theologian who wrote that the antichrist on earth would resurrect somewhere between 1300 and 1340, and the world would perish in the year 2000. The antichrist takes his time …

TOP 10 Incorrect predictions OF the end of the world

Surprisingly, Isaac Newton, one of the most famous physicists in history, had something to say about the year 2000. However, his prediction was more positive. He believed that in the year 2000, the Millennium of Christ would commence, in which Jesus would return to earth for 1000 years to lead us to prosperity. Ruth Montgomery, in his own words, a Christian clairvoyant, believed that in this year the antichrist would come to earth and begin to spread his anguish. Meanwhile, the year 2000 has passed and there has been no real question either of the Antichrist or the return of Jesus. The world does not perish either …

9. The year 1000: A profitable Apocalypse

1000 - TOP 10 Incorrect predictions OF the end of the world

We’ll stay forever in the millennia. These are important moments in history. After all, you suddenly go to a date with 3 numbers, to a date with 4 numbers. Fortunately, they did not have computers in the year 1000, otherwise this would have been a major problem. However, again because the Bible speaks of a 1000-year kingdom of Christ, many believed in the year 999 that the coming year would be the 1000-year kingdom. The world would therefore perish. Even the pope of that time, Sylvestrus the second, predicted that this would happen. Many rich people and nobles therefore donated their landings and possessions to the church, in exchange for a place in heaven and soul healing. The church accepted these gifts humbly.

When in the year 1001 nothing turned out to be the prediction, the nobles knocked at the church and asked back their lands. The Church, however, refused. Once given is given. The year 1000 has been one of the most profitable years for the Church ever!

8. 1941, 1975, 1984, …: There will be one good one?

jehovas - TOP 10 Incorrect predictions OF the end of the worldpaul prescott /

Groups within Jehovah’s Witnesses have always been enthusiastic apocalypse predictors. For example, there was a group within the Bible Students who predicted the end of times in 1941. However, not many Jehovah’s witnesses believed in it. Neither in the prediction that the end would come in ’75. That year, according to Bible experts, exactly 6000 years after God had created Man. Therefore, so argued some, had to perish the world this year. Why exactly 6000 years after that, remains insecure. Probably the reason why this prediction was not so popular and widespread. In 1984, the world could also have a chance of an Apocalypse, but again the witnesses were wrong. Do not worry, however, there is still enough future to try again. It will ever work …

TOP 10 Incorrect predictions OF the end of the world

7. The year 500: The size of the Ark says it all!

noah ark - TOP 10 Incorrect predictions OF the end of the world

All round numbers are very attractive to dozens and predictors. Also the 500 year was a favorite apocalypse year. Both Hippolytus of Rome, a third century theologian, Sextus Julius Africanus, a historian of the second and third century and finally Saint Irenaeus, a bishop of Lyon of the second century, believed that in the year 500 Christ would return on earth with the necessary consequences.One of these predictions was based on the size of Noah’s Ark. These dimensions are also mentioned in the Bible.

6. 2008 or 2010: Sucked by the Hadron Collider

Hadron Collider - TOP 10 Incorrect predictions OF the end of the world

Particle accelerator Hadron Collider, located in Switzerland, would definitely destroy the world when we would put it into operation. When they started, some feared, many micro black holes would develop and these would eventually drain the earth! In 2008 the Hadron went on, and so far we have not been soaked …
However, predictors were not struck off the field. It was at the energy value, and Hadron had not reached her full strength yet. At 7 TeV, to be achieved in 2010, the world would be lost! Or not

February 5, 1524: It’s all about London!

oude londen - TOP 10 Incorrect predictions OF the end of the world

Astrologers from London had calculated that the world would be hit by a major flood on February 1, 1524. Of course, this phenomenon would start in London because, after all, that was not one of the most important centers of that time and at least the city where the employers of the astrologers lived!The days before this date, about 20,000 Londoners pulled out the city to higher grounds. Pretty illogical, of course, because when the world goes by, a hill in southern London will not offer much relief. However, their lack of logic remained unpunished, because there was no global flood, nor the smallest flooding in London itself, on this day.

4. 1284: An account of the pope

Innocentius III - TOP 10 Incorrect predictions OF the end of the world

Pope Innocentius III predicted that the world would end exactly 666 years after Islam began. Islam has the first year in its calendar 622, the moment the state of Medina was created. An intricate mathematical treatment of these numbers (622 + 666) reveals that the end should actually take place in 1288. Whether Innocent III III was playing at 1284 or 1288, the end of time remained. And the great sacrifices and gifts of nobles to the church because of their soul healing also …

3. 1997: Lugubere way to end the world

Heaven%E2%80%99s gate club - TOP 10 Incorrect predictions OF the end of the world

Marshall Applewhite, the leader of a cult called “Heaven’s Gate Club”, claimed that a spacecraft would approach the Earth. The NASA could not perceive that, Marshall reasoned because the vessel was feeding the big comet Hale-Bopp. However, this was not an invasion of alien creatures. No, Marshall said, this ship will raise us to a new level, above the human. All we have to do is go on, commit suicide, and our souls will be taken with this ship. On March 26, 1997, Marshall with 38 followers committed suicide for this reason.

2. The year 1999: Nostradamus, or not?

nostradamus - TOP 10 Incorrect predictions OF the end of the world

Nostradamus is one of the best known predictors of all time . He lived from 1503 to 1566, in France, under the name Michele de Nostradame (but to get involved in complicated and learned, this changed to Nostradamus, the Latin version of Nostradame). In his normal life he was a pharmacist, but in his spare time he wrote quite a few predictions. One of his best-known works is called “The Predictions.” In his book he is talking about pests, wars, earthquakes and floods, all in the context of the coming Apocalypse, but he is not specific about the end of the world. An overactive fan club slipped into the year 1999. However, whether the modern media, or Nostradamus itself, the year 1999 was a hope, but not the end of time!

1. 21st of December 2012: At least delivered a spectacular movie

20121 - TOP 10 Incorrect predictions OF the end of the world

A lot of people had put their money on this date. Boxes full of books are written about it, made documentaries, and even a very successful Hollywood movie ! The end of the Mayan calendar, that is, their Fifth Cycle, and therefore the earth had to perish. It was debatable how this would be a meteor, an alien invasion or a supernova, all possibilities. What was certain, however, was that the world could not exist after the Mayan calendar. Most scientists, however, claim that it’s all a media hype, and the Mayans themselves have never wanted to predict the end of the world. They simply needed a calendar, and it’s time to start counting again. After all, we start again every year in January. Fortunately, the world does not go on 31 December!

With these top ten we have not long discussed all the predictions that have been made in the past, let alone the predictions that are still open. For example, the year 2020 is one of those years in which Jesus could return on earth, according to Jeane Dixon. In the year 5,000,000,000 (which will last for a while) the sun will swell into a big red giant, and in that process the earth will be swallowed up. But yes, who lives then who cares!

Predictions can of course be useful in everyday life, such as weather forecasts and traffic forecasts. But when it’s about the end of the day, and you can not change it as a small individual, knowledge sometimes causes more harm than good! Is human being made to know such a thing? Would you like to know if the earth would perish in a week or two?

TOP 10 Incorrect predictions OF the end of the world

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