Lovely Autumn Destinations

Herfst Bestemmingen Herfstvakantie - TOP 10 LOVELY AUTUMN DESTINATIONS

Tips for fall trips

The world color brown, the leaves fall from the trees and the first storm rages across the land. Time to hibernate or just time to go out !? Some destinations are best suited in the fall! So come out from under the blanket and discover this wonderful autumn destinations …

Autumn holidays in Europe

Autumn is a wonderful holiday season! Outside it is rather dark, so the candles lit before. The many destinations shines a glorious autumn sun. No excessive temperatures, but a pleasant autumn sun. In October, these destinations “Not Too ‘. Not too expensive, not too crowded, not too hot.

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In the summer it is very hot and crowded and very hot. So you may want to wait until the autumn, and still pack your bags for a weekend in Rome. Although the nights can also be all fresh, the sun warms your day enough for a terrace (with jacket on, though). The autumn gives the city a unique golden glow. As if the city on fire state. And the shoppers among us can indulge. The new winter collection is in the stores. For Romanen autumn is a good reason to again show their winter wardrobe. On the terrace, with an iced coffee, a beautiful sunglasses and a thick scarf, it is no exception.



This region of Italy is in the fall perhaps at its best! The autumn sun illuminates the beautiful rolling countryside. The pine and chestnut shades of brown and orange. The average temperature varies between 20 and 25 degrees, delicious. But perhaps even more important; Autumn is the Grape picking season! Tuscany is then devoted to wine! The grapes are harvested in September and October, the farmers open their cellars to the public. You can taste the newest crop (yum). Tuscany is actually the region of Chianti, Montalcino or Montepulciano- wines. Besides grapes, the olives are ripe and there is plenty of hunting dogs looking for truffles. Gourmets this period, so indulge in Tocsane.

Make sure to the city of  Florence . In the summer months here poepie pressure and hotter than hot. But in the fall is delicious! Stroll through the historic streets and taste of the real Italy. Is there still an autumn? Do not worry, there is plenty of entertainment in the famous museum or go shopping!

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The color purple heath, woods and brown the mushrooms sprout from the ground … It is stunning in the Dutch nature during autumn. Why leave when there is so much to see in our own country? Yes, it may be that there is a big herfstbui. Whether you end up in an autumn storm. But we can Dutch Surely against. “You’re not sugar,” I hear my mother. And how good is it after a brisk walk through the autumn chill inside to warm up with a hot chocolate or (even better) red wine?

Pack your winter coat and scarf just so and go to perhaps the most beautiful nature in the Netherlands; the Veluwe . During the autumn there are activities for all ages, such as a fall surprise trip or take a walk on the Veluwe season with a guide and looking for all the changes of nature.

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Canary Islands

Bye bye rain, hello autumn! The major benefit of the Canary Islands by the pleasant temperature throughout the year. In the autumn months can be around 22 degrees on the islands. A very fine temperatuurtje. Still warm enough to take a dip in the pool, but not so hot that you can not move. Go surfing on the island of Fuerteventura, cyclists perch on Gran Canaria, Tenerife families, peace-seekers go to Lanzarote and hikers make their way to La Palma. Do you want tips from a local on the island of Gran Canaria? Then read this article once ” Greetings from Gran Canaria ‘  .

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Autumn is beautiful in Sweden! Autumn is an ideal time to visit Sweden again. The transition temperatures of the summer to the winter are totally fine. It’s still nice mild. Ideal to make a beautiful walk through the woods. Because of trees no shortage in Sweden. The forests fade into the most amazing shades of brown and orange. It is not too cold yet, but those pesky summer mosquitoes are gone a long way. Adrienne lucky you may even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights! When the nights are longer and it gets dark early, there is a risk of this magical light show! So pay attention.

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Party Island Ibiza has much more to offer than just ‘pills parties. Most parties are past their peak and the island is in relative peace. Time for nature! Ibiza choking because of the beautiful places. The autumn sun warms the island a nice temperature of around 20 degrees. There may notice occasional rain showers, possibly annoying, but also beautiful because thanks to these water droplets come colorful flowers in bloom. On the beaches it is still a good place; the sunsets are incredibly beautiful. And do not think that there is nothing more to do in Ibiza, so it is not. In October like every year the ‘October Ibiza Festival “place where many locals come down (nice!). It is also called Flower Power festival because the music from the 70s, 80s and 90s are scheduled.



Vienna is a perfect winter destination; the snowy streets are super romantic. Even as a summer destination Vienna is highly recommended. But what about Vienna as a fall destination? In autumn Vienna is perhaps more vibrant than the rest of the year. One festival solves another festival down. Especially music lovers can indulge in October in the Austrian city. For example, in October Wiener Wiesn ‘, a beer festival. In early October dance the stars from the sky in “Waves Vienna.” And if that were not enough, there is the end of October the Wien Modern festival. A full of music, dance, theater, art and film.

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Time for Old Women Summer “as the Hungarians call so cute autumn. And let me now such a “hag” who thinks delicious; Morning it is still nice and fresh but daytime temperatures are very pleasant. Budapest is also known for its baths and spas. And you still will find some autumnal day … what could be better than a day spa? Pleasant bath, bubbling in a jacuzzi and pamper yourself. Another advantage is that the biggest tourist crowds it’s over! There is still plenty of noisy and plenty to do, but you do not “walk over heads. Budapest is a city with many parks that are perfect for a colorful autumn walk.



In autumn hear falling leaves and colorful forests. Where do you find these better than in  the Ardennes? Ideal for the autumn because you’re there! In the Ardennes, there is plenty to do in the fall. And as I said “we are certainly not sugar ?!”. Thick coat and get out! Did you know that you ‘can recharge the batteries’ best by going into nature. Nothing seems to be as beneficial as a good walk in the woods. And how nice is it to red, cold apple cheeks and tingling fingers to warm yourself up with a hot chocolate (or red wine!). Outwardly therefore, one of the many forests. Of course you are not assured of good weather, but fortunately there are plenty in the Ardennes’ domestic alternatives. How about the Spa at Spa? Beer tasting at one of the many breweries? Or just a friendly game of cards in a cozy wooden house in the woods, campfire there, doing nothing anymore.


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