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The 10 most beautiful islands in the world

From castle to beautiful white beaches, you name it you are so crazy and these islands have it. Whether you’re having a wonderful sun walk around in your shorts or just to walk around with a winter coat, do not you tired of these islands. We have specially for you the 10 most beautiful islands in the world put on a list. Some of you might already know, but there are also some hidden pearls among which we would like to show you!

The 10 most beautiful islands

1.  Palawan Island, the Philippines.

Palawan is an island group which consists of one large island and hundreds of other islands in different formats. Palawan is part of the Visayas and is located in the southwest of the Philippines. The archipelago is divided roughly into three regions, namely Central Palawan, Northern Palawan and southern Palawan. The island has emerged in a short time into a tourist mecca for everyone. You can wonderful diving and nature go all-round adventurer. In the evening you can enjoy an exotic drink in an idyllic location. Palawan also has been named this year  ‘s most beautiful island in the world  in the year 2016, this is something people are very proud. Watch the video below the beautiful island!

2. Bora Bora, French Polynesia.

Bora Bora is an island located in the Pacific Ocean between South America and Australia. The island is also called the pearl of Polynesia and is seen by many as the most beautiful island in the world. The island is formed by the magnificent extinct volcano Mount Otemanu. On the main island of Bora Bora is the green heart surrounded by beautiful nature and turquoise lagoons. You can make beautiful walks, opt for a swim in the clear blue water or opt for a relaxing day overlooking the most beautiful waters.

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The beautiful Bora Bora. (© Hervé)

3.  Bali, Indonesia.

Bali, who does not know it. As a long time this Indonesian island is a popular destination for many tourists. No wonder, because you can do a lot in Bali. Wherever you go, all over the island you can find a plethora of artists villages, exotic eateries, temples and natural spas at the outer edges of the island. Because of the favorable klimaar throughout the year, you can still enjoy the sun, sea and beautiful beaches that Bali has to offer. Therefore, most people choose to go off all the sights such as the National Park West Bali, but then also to enjoy one of the beautiful beaches.

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The rice fields of Bali. (© Roberto Faccenda)


4. Ischia, Italy.

Italian rocky Ischia is an island in the Gulf of Naples. Ischia is known for its idyllic towns with narrow streets, natural water sources in the beautiful rocky surroundings and hot springs. The highest point on the island is Monte Epomeo (787), the mountain looms in the center of the island and is a major tourist attraction. The coastline consists mainly of nature and rocks with some sand. Besides the tourists come for the Monte Epomeo, they are only too happy to luxurious spas where you can completely relax. Ischia is also famous for “Castello Aragonese”. This is a beautiful castle built on a small island off the coast of Ischia.

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Castello Aragonese. (© Tristan Mark)

5.  Santorini, Greece.

Santorini is undoubtedly the most remarkable island of the Greek islands. Santorini, which is the southernmost island of the Cyclades, owes its lunar-like landscape to various volcanic eruptions that have taken place over the centuries. The closely spaced whitewashed houses, churches with colored domes and barren volcanic rocks form a beautiful whole and is a joy to behold for anyone taking a look at this special island. Over the years, the tourism soared and thousands of people travel down to this idyllic island known for its world-famous sunsets.

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Santorini, with its magnificent views. (© John Karakatsanis)

6.  Mauritius, East Africa.

This African island located in the Indian Ocean, 1800 kilometers from the African continent from. Mauritius is a long time been owned by the Dutch, they use the island as an intermediate port towards India. These ports are to this day still active today, but as a bustling port where you can enjoy beautiful views. Take for example capital Port Louis, Mauritius ports such as these give additional charm. For divers, the island is a true heaven with its exceptional coral reefs, rare fish and professional diving instructors.

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Mauritius, with its clear blue water. (© Ludovic Lubeigt)

7. Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

The Waiheke Island is located in the Hauraki Gulf and about 35 minutes by boat from Auckland in New Zealand. On this island art is always something going on. The beautiful emerald beaches, to small wineries, you can not name it. As a freethinker and art lover you can let go completely by visiting the dozens of craft shops and art galleries of the Arts Waiheke trail. Culinary food you can get anywhere, because the inhabitants of this island hold of incredibly tasty food with a delicious wine from its surroundings.

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Waiheke Island. (© Andym5855)

8. Cebu, Philippines.

Cebu is the ninth largest island of the Philippines and Palawan Island as part of the Visayas island group. Good transport facilities, beautiful views and a variety of activities in and around Cebu ensure that many backpackers and other tourists draw to the island. For one half of the tourists is a passage to their final destination, while the other half choose to come a few weeks here for their holidays.

9.  Maldives, southern India.

The Maldives, officially called the Republic of Maldives is an archipelago of 1190 coral islands grouped into 26 sections in the Indian Ocean southwest of India. With its glorious sunshine, warm waters and white sand beaches, the Maldives are a perfect destination for tourists. Especially water enthusiasts like divers, windsurfers, fishermen and water skiers can relish here. Anything with the beautiful clear water mark is sacred in the Maldives. The government has opted for a sustainable and should not be built higher than the tallest palm tree on the island.

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The coral blue waters in the Maldives. (© Chris Schaer)

10. Kauai, Hawaii.

Kauai is the fourth largest island of Hawaii and is also known as the “Garden Island” because of its beautiful nature with exotic flowers. The island is the least commercial Hawaiian island and therefore attracts many adventurers and fortune seekers. Walks through the natural landscapes with the highest waterfalls and even more than 60 beaches Kauai make very attractive to tourists. Some beaches offer great snorkeling, and the other beaches are suitable for all kinds of water sports. You can make special trips to various towns that certainly are worth visiting.

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Beautiful Saltwater lagoon, Hauai. 


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