Top 10 most beautiful train journeys through Europe

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Top 10 most beautiful train journeys through Europe

Great destinations you can travel in various ways. One prefers to fly or drive, while others want nothing more than cover the kilometers by bicycle or on foot. For short trips to Paris for example, prefers many travelers still a train. Did you know that some really beautiful train journeys through Europe? Who would you take one of the 10 most beautiful train journeys through Europe?

The 10 most beautiful train journeys through Europe

Europe has an enormous diversity and this is reflected in the trips you make. During one of the 12 most beautiful train journeys through Europe several times you will be surprised by this diversity. Be inspired and make this summer a memorable train ride through the beautiful Europe!

1. Train travel Switzerland: Chur – St. Moritz – Bernina – Tirano

Start a wonderful journey through Switzerland in Chur. Switzerland has two famous lines, namely the Albula and Bernina Railway. During the more than 120 kilometer long train ride you will pass glaciers, lakes, mountains, valleys and rugged mountain peaks. Drive through dark tunnels and paths with many turns. Be surprised by the beauty of the town of St. Moritz, the Beninapas and finish in the Italian town of Tirano, which lies just across the border. Take time to explore the culture, nature and history of Switzerland. Do this by one of the 12 most beautiful train journeys by Europe.

2. Train trip Scandinavia

Scandinavia is a region with an unforgettable beauty. The countries enjoy a worldwide reputation and that they are also due to the natural resource that is abundant. Come numerous lakes, hilly landscapes, lush green forests, imposing mountains, thundering waterfalls, fjords and untouched natural phenomena. Scandinavia means endless pleasure and this can be best experienced by an entertaining train journey.

You will pass big, modern cities and at the same time you get to places where it seems it has never been discovered before. Do not worry if you encounter wolves and reindeer, as they enjoy as nature as you. There are several trains that run through Scandinavia, so check out exactly what you want to see and do before you make the trip.

3. Train travel Spain: Barcelona – Zaragoza – Madrid

Spain, how beautiful you are! This makes this nearly 650-kilometer train journey appear again. Your route starts in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, ​​where it is easy to spend a week. You follow a route through the beautiful Spain. Do not be so surprised this train ride through the natural wealth, but watch your eyes to the cultural and historical highlights. The combination of this brilliant history which extends into masterpieces and visiting modern world is one of the reasons that this train does take a nice spot in the list of the 12 most beautiful train journeys through Europe. You travel to Zaragoza and ending the train in Madrid.

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4. Train travel Scotland Fort William – Mallaig

When you think of Scotland, think of the famous highlands, scenic mountains, the mysterious waters, the luxury city, the islands and the rolling landscapes. Here is a good place for the curious holidaymaker landscaped. Scotland invites detected, discovered and explored this you can do in many ways, but it is certainly advisable to Europe this one of the 12 most beautiful train journeys.

Are you a big fan of Harry Potter? The route you follow, it is also the route of the famous  Hogwarts Express.  While traveling through the beautiful scenery of the Highlands, it is not difficult to imagine that this route leads to Hogwarts. Indeed, it is a train ride full of fantasy, mystery and beauty. One of the beauties is the Glenfinnan viaduct. This crossover has a whopping 21 arches.

5. Train travel France: Nice – Digne-les-Bains

France is the land of diverse nature, history, art, fashion and fascinating gastronomy. From cheeses to wines, baguettes and croissants, the country inspires many. Nice is a city where ancient and modern fusions. The special architectural styles, art and location on the Mediterranean, make sure it is properly enjoy. Nice start your unforgettable train ride through the beautiful, special France.

The journey is dominated by the high peaks of the Alps. While from the  Train des Pignes  follows a 150-kilometer route, you will be surprised again and again. You pass traditional villages. The locals love to share their cultural habits and let you like to take a peek into the French cuisine. The nice thing about this train is that you start in a metropolis and ends in a place seen by the plain inhabitant of population become a very big city. You will, however, during the train journey along ancient mountain villages each with a rich history.

6. Train travel Portugal: Lisbon – Porto – Douro

Portugal is plenty to see. Deep canyons, rugged coastlines and vineyards, a UNESCO World Heritage cities and beautiful, bored will not easily fall under the scope. You train starts in the beautiful Lisbon and continues to the port of Porto. Click here to visit the historic center. Your journey ends in Doura. These range you follow the Linha do Douro railway. You will find less than 30 tunnels and bridges that take you through various landscapes. The route is over 500 kilometers long and certainly one of the 12 most beautiful train journeys through Europe.

7. Train travel Italy: Bologna – Florence – Pisa

Italy is one word to describe beautiful. Whether this is due to the soothing vineyards, fine culture, delicious cuisine, great weather and the varied landscapes, it will be a combination of all these things. The nearly 250-kilometer train ride begins in Bologna, a university town with a delicate beauty. You drive through the Apennines to the beautiful Florence. Here you will experience the true Italian feel. It seems like you are in an open air museum, which is also explained by the historical highlights. Enjoy the wines and Italian cuisine, before you continue your journey.

The versatility of Italy interested many holidaymakers. As you journey through the country you come along Lucca, the city of 100 churches. Your trip ends in the town of Pisa special with her great World Wonder, the tower of Pisa.

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8. Train travel Ireland: Rosslare – Dublin – Galway

A more than 370-kilometer train journey through Ireland, who would not want that? You travel past cascading waterfalls, wetlands, pristine mountain landscapes and along atmospheric cities. There are few countries that managed to keep almost intact a remarkable history as Ireland does. With the car by pulling Ireland is fun, but the train go through the hinterland.

The route begins in Rosslare and continues to Dublin, capital of Ireland. Here conviviality prevails. Sip a beer in the pub and enjoy the atmosphere in the city. The crowds in Dublin then you go to the eternal silence of the desert landscape behind on the west coast of Ireland. Your destination is Galway. As icing on the cake, you’ll pass the Cliffs of Moher.

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9. Train trip Spain

With local trains you’ll pass beautiful cities. From Bilbao go with the trains to Santiago, where lots of beautiful buildings are on display. The whole route long you will be surprised by the beauty of cathedrals, natural elements and culture. You pass various villages each have something special and ends in Santiago de Compostela, which makes exploring entertained for hours or days. All the elements that you find in a more than 60 kilometer route, making this one of the 12 most beautiful train journeys through Europe.

10. Train travel Spain: Madrid – Cuenca – Valencia

Spain is the land of the tours and it appears that a trip by train incredibly suit your taste. This summer you can thus enjoy in this country of Europe’s most beautiful train journeys. The train starts from the beautiful Madrid, where many holidaymakers like to make a break there. Explore it here then also stopped, before heading out to other destinations. Spain is filled with numerous attractions. From art to historical buildings, this can both be found in abundance. Make a stop Cuenca, where the atmosphere is immediately striking. Wander here through the picturesque streets and admire the typical houses, the striking cathedral, the medieval center and much more. The final stop is nothing less than Valencia. In this beautiful city are all Spanish highlights immediately visible. History, culture, landscape,

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11. Train travel Norway: Bergen – Flåmsbana – Oslo

Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It is the land of the fjords, whales, friendly people, great food and many opportunities for outdoor activities. Flåmsbana Scenic Railway lets you discover many of these elements themselves. The versatile Mons yes go to Oslo. You pass nature shows where you say against you. The journey is over 520 kilometers long, but even that is not enough to see all the beauty of Norway. The journey is not only regarded as one of the 12 most beautiful train journeys through Europe, but as one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world! During the train journey you will discover the most beautiful in Norway, including some cities, fjords and scenic highlights.

12. Train travel Switzerland: St. Moritz – Disentis – Zermatt

Last, but not least, the train journey through the breathtaking Switzerland. The UNESCO World Heritage Albula is there and the journey begins. Come along the Grand Canyon of Switzerland, the Rheinschlucht, and continue your route through dark tunnels, tall rugged mountains and rolling countryside. The train comes along great cities where highly recommended is to entertain you for a few days. Do not worry, you do not need intensive to search, because your interests are quickly filled. St. Moritz go to Disentis and then to the beautiful Zermatt. This train is almost 300 kilometers long.

After seeing and reading this beautiful train journeys through Europe, you probably get the holiday jitters all. Are you looking for a different kind of journey, but in the beautiful Europe? Read  the 15 best cities for a city break in Europe  and look for other fun ideas!

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