Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Apps Of 2014

Modern smartphone applications have revolutionized the way we use our handsets. In the past, mobile phones were only used to call or send short text messages to friends, but through this technology one can now access any digital content of their choice such as the latest 3D games, movies, x-ray software, music and much more. Below are the Top Ten Most Popular Android Apps In 2014 that you can try.

10. Zeebox

zeeboxZeebox is a popular social networking and online TV streaming platform available for all Android devices. The software allows users to keep in touch with their favorite television shows and programs, find out new buzz and info about celebrities and also have live chats with other fans who are watching the same content. Subscribers can as well receive personalized bulletin news, content feeds and commendations that are uniquely structured to meet their viewing preferences. Other interactive features of the application include access to live PPV shows, remote control functions and a comprehensive TV guide.

9. Goodreads

GoodreadsWhen it comes to social cataloging and bookkeeping then no other app can beat Goodreads. It gives users a honest review of any book they want to read, or alternatively share their thoughts with others in case they have already read it. One can add favorite books/magazines to the virtual bookshelves, see what buddies are reading or contribute to discussion boards.

The software also provides suggestions for interesting future reads based on reviews from previously accessed written content. Once the subscriber adds friends to his account’s profile page, he would be able to see their bookshelves and comment on any content that’s being posted. Goodreads also has a rating system of 1-5 stars for every book that you have read before and is listed on the app.

8. Pandora

PandoraPandora is a well-liked internet radio platform that provides personalized music options to online streamers, with an additional rating system that allows users to synchronize their favorite stations based on individual likings. Nevertheless, this service is only available to Android users in Australia, New Zealand and US. Apart from connecting with live music stations, listeners also have the option of buying their favorite albums or songs from listed stores. With all these amazing features, it’s no surprise that Pandora ranks amongst the Top Ten Most Popular Android Apps In 2014.

7. SoundCloud

SoundCloudSoundCloud was created with the intention of allowing musicians to share their audio files with each other, however, it later transformed into a fully-fledged publishing tool that gives musicians the power to record and distribute their content to the general public. If you’re interested in an all-inclusive sound software with no-ads or subscription fees, then this is the best program for you.

6. Broken Sword Game

Broken Sword GameBroken Sword is a charming, point-to-click, detective game that transports players to Paris and other interesting places, while trying to unravel an obscure conspiracy stretching back to the era of Knights Templar. BS’s main protagonist is an American patent attorney named George Stobbart, alongside Nicole Collard a French freelance reporter.

5. ESPN SportsCenter

ESPN SportsCenterESPN SportsCenter allows game enthusiasts to stay updated with the latest league standings, play-off scores and news from various teams around the world, whether it’s American football, soccer, hockey or baseball this app has got you covered. One can also customize the application to specifically follow their favorite players and teams, though the program was previously broadcasted once a day it’s nowadays showcased up to 12 times in a day. Apart from the regular highlights, it also shows sporting events, previews, feature stories and commentaries.

4. K-9 Mail

K-9 MailK-9 Mail is an autonomous email application that works with all Android OS systems on a Free/Open Source Software platform. It can automatically detect multiple email account settings, and is also packed with several user options that allow you to customize your inbox according to individual tastes and preferences. Other interesting features of the K-9 include a convenient split-screen mode, APG encryption support and SD-Card storage amongst others.

3. Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web BrowserPuffin is a Smartphone and tablet browsing app that loads fast and allows users to watch online clips, play video games and stream Live Flash content from their devices. The game features an advanced theater mode console for those interested in downloading videos and games into their phones. Other qualities that users would enjoy are Add-On supports, User Interface and advanced Color Themes.

2. Quickoffice

QuickofficeQuickoffice is a powerful Google app that allows one to create and revise various Microsoft Office spreadsheets, documents and presentations that are saved on any android device. The freeware proprietary software is backed up with a 15GB free storage space where you can store as many files as you want. It’s fitted with a unique word processor, spreadsheet and presentation program all of which are compatible with MS Office files.

QO’s storage system can as well be integrated with Google + Photos and your own Gmail account, for purposes of saving email attachments or backing-up pictures directly to the Drive. One is also free to buy an additional storage plan for more space. Simply hover through any of your favorite attachments on Gmail and search for the icon labeled Drive, clicking on it allows you to freely organize and share folders in one, safe Android platform. Just take an original photo of preferred documents like letters, statements or receipts- Quickoffice Drive will instantly convert them to PDF files for safe storage.

1. Home Budget App

Home Budget AppThis convenient money-management app from Android allows users to control their family finances, generate fiscal charts and reports or create detailed budget plans to analyze spending. The cross-platform synchronization software allows families to coordinate their spending in real-time, so that they can live within their means by tracking where money goes every week or month.

Home Budget also has a spreadsheet file that can be helpful in organizing and tallying the figures in your budget. Though these apps can greatly improve your phone experience, it’s advisable to only download them from the Android store and not any other affiliate sites that aren’t verified. These are the best Top Ten Most Popular Android Apps In 2014, but there are many others that you can download as well.

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