Top 10 Freaky Insects

Insects anyway not a little freaky? Just their ability to hide themselves in the most unlikely places, does shivers run over your body. Happy are these shelters are generally on other continents. You are warned if you go to South America on vacation!

10. Giant stick insect

The stick insect comes in many shapes and sizes. More specifically, there are three orders. And once again fall below 13 families. All families are distinguished by specific physical characteristics. So the giant stick insect is more than 30 centimeters in length (one of the  largest insects )! This rare large insect lives especially in the warmer climates of the world. Totally dependent on the environment, they change their color accordingly. Moreover, the giant stick insect not “weapons” at his disposal than his camouflage colors. What you may also be reassuring that this insect feeds mainly on plants.

9. The giant cockroach digging

Not only is the giant burrowing cockroach known as large – an average male is 7.5 centimeters long and 10 female – they also have the ability to make their burrows deep into the earth. They’re like mini excavator! They can be up to 10 years old. Fortunately, there never giant burrowing cockroach found in the foundation of a house. Apparently they have a preference for a more earthly environment. This cockroach species occurs mainly in the rain forests of South and Central America.

8. European earwig

European Earwig - TOP 10 SCARY AND FREAKY INSECTSPhoto: James Lindsey / wiki commons

Earwig gets its name from the fact that we have believed for a long time came up through the insect’s ears in the brains of people. It could not be otherwise seen its construction! Earwigs have provided an elongated body of two rod-like appendages. With these tags they would make their way through our brains. Fortunately, this has never been proven. It is true that earwigs, including the European earwig, stop relatively close to people. Most insects from this list prefer the rainforest! The European earwig is an omnivore: This insect eats both plants and small animals also.

7. Formic Lion

Most ant lions live in a tropical or subtropical areas. Some families have settled in northern Europe. This type of insect is not its size. Or by a striking color scheme. Ants Leeuwen are distinguished by their tactics to catch small animals. Which typically shows little ant lions: they dig pits where they catch other small animals. As adults they feed on other small insects. And saps. They are actually equipped with wings. If we look at the latest one adult ant lion seems a bit like a dragonfly.

6. Brazilian ‘treehopper’

braziliaanse treehopper - TOP 10 SCARY AND FREAKY INSECTS

As you can tell from the name, the Brazilian ‘treehopper (Treehopper) especially in the northern part of South America. This insect has an extra set of eyes. Thus the beads look! What exactly is the function of these spheres is not clear. For now appoint experts they mainly decorative. You need not be afraid of this insect species: Brazilian “treehopper ‘is completely harmless. The animal feeds mainly on leaves. It often is just above the surface of wooded areas.

5. Flower Mantis

Unique to Mantis is that they can make themselves virtually invisible. Not only do they vote their colors to their environment, they also adhere very quiet. Even if they move, it looks like coming through the wind. their walking legs than special swaying movements! Although most mantis green in color, there are also brown ones. Which lives mainly on the ground. And there is the flower mantis! The most famous resembles a white orchid. If this version grasshopper sits on a orchid – and himself very still holds – then it seems like there is an extra flower bud on the plant. The flower mantis is found mainly in Malaysia and Borneo.

4. Butterfly Hermelijn

hermelijnvlinder - TOP 10 SCARY AND FREAKY INSECTS

The ermine moth is from the notodontidae family. This beautiful butterfly species living in Africa and in Europe. In our country the ermine moth is considered very afentoe. Especially in the coastal area. Incidentally, the cocoon is also a notable appearance; this is very thick. And can be 6.5 centimeters. The color of the cocoon is predominantly green with a bright purple / black color band on the back. The head is brown with black drawings.

3. Scorpioenvlieg

schorpioenvlieg - TOP 10 SCARY AND FREAKY INSECTSPhoto: Bob Warrick / wiki commons

Like a scorpion is the scorpio fly equipped with a rod-shaped organ on their abdomen. That puts some curled up proudly. Good to know is that there are no occupants sting. This insect is also completely harmless. The male used the tongs only at mating. A scorpio fly feeds on plants and dead insects. There is a species found in the Netherlands and Belgium. That is the ‘Paorpa communis. If you want to see this kind scorpio fly, then you should look in shady, damp places. The animal is not large: up to 2.5 centimeters. And the wings are mottled.

2. Spinduizendpoot

spinduizendpoot - TOP 10 SCARY AND FREAKY INSECTSPhoto: Kevincollins123 / wiki commons

A spider centipede currently is most similar to a jack with a long, spider-like legs. But an extremely high performance! For example, the body of the spider centipede is extremely elongated. This is also true for the 15 pair of legs. Incidentally, the rear legs are again longer than the front. The rear two legs act as a sensing element. Further distinguishes the spider centipede by complex, well-developed eyes. Most centipedes live around the Mediterranean. That includes the spider centipede.

1. Giant cricket (giant weta)


Crickets and locusts are related to each other. Both are known as the largest insect in the world. That certainly applies to the giant cricket. There is ever found a copy, though weighed 71 grams! By comparison, that is approximately 3 times the size of a mouse. Fortunately, giant crickets vegetarian. They feed on plants and fruits. Most cricket species live in New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Central and South America. From this list of countries is evident crickets withstand wide variations in temperature. They are found in mountains, forests and grass landscapes. Crickets can not fly. Namely they do not have wings.


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