Sharks are, according to most people, scary animals. Perhaps, however, our image of the shark is tinted by the Hollywood-portrayed human shark, one of the bigger and more aggressive of the many shark species swimming in our oceans. In order to give these misunderstood animals a second chance of a better image, in these top ten we will pass a few less famous shark species. Not that this is all sweetheart compared to the human shark …

10. The giant shark

No, the name is not a joke, this shark is called seriously big mouth shark. In English it is the Megamouth shark and the official Latin name is Megachasma pelagios. This shark is extremely rare, and he lives mainly in deeper waters, so you will not soon encounter him as a swimmer. It is the smallest of the three plankton-eating sharks, that is, sharks feeding through plankton to eat, rather than hunting fish or other animals. That’s what the giant haircut (which, as expected, has a huge mouth over its almost 1 ton of body weight) by swimming more or less with its mouth. So he sucks the water through his mouth and filters the plankton and jellyfish out of the water.

ThiS shark was only discovered in 1976 and since then there are only 60 specimens of mockery. It is such a unique animal considered to be the only species of its kind (within the larger group of sharks), no other shark species, according to today’s biologists, is related to this particular monster.

9. Hammer shark

Hamerhaaien - TOP 10 STRANGE AND WEIRD LOOKING SHARKSphoto: suneko / flickr

The hammer shark is something more familiar than the previous species, but because of its bizarre head shape, this shark species deserves a place in these top ten. If you have never seen an image of a hammer shark let me just say that the clou is in his name.

Right, hammer sharks have a hammer-shaped head. In English, they are called a more precise hammerhead shark. This shark is actually more a collection of eleven different subspecies, all members of the Sphyrnidae family. A whole family, thus, of sharks with hammer-shaped foreheads.There are also biologically many suggestions about the necessity and usefulness of such a forehead, but biologists do not agree on the right reason (maybe there are several functions, of course). For example, the head can be used for perception (perhaps it is a particular water vibration or echolocation sensor), or it is used for maneuvering, or for prey manipulation (giving the victim a push, for example, or a tick on the head). If there’s one great advantage to the hammer, you’re up to it, however, it’s the 360-degree vision it gives.

A hammer shark is 4.5 meters long (about as long as the giant shark) but weighs up to 600 kilograms (almost half of the giant shark). It’s a hot-water shark and as one of the few among the shark species, they swim in schools. However, they do only during the day because at night they are solitary hunters.

8. The Greenland Shark


The Greenland shark, also known as the gurry or gray shark, and in the Inuit (inhabitants of the cold northern Greenland) is called the Shark Egalussuag. The Latin name is somniosus microcephalus, and that means more or less freely translated the ‘sleep shark’. This shark is, as one suggests by the name, known in the North Atlantic Ocean, around Canada, Greenland, Norway and Iceland. It’s the sharks that live the northernmost of all sharks, and the adjustments (later more) that make this shark unique are made mainly because of the scary cold they need to survive.

One of the characteristics of this shark is that its meat is particularly poisonous. In addition, this shark is particularly special … slow. Yes, indeed, our fear of sharks comes largely because they can maneuver through the water so quickly, elegantly and deadly. Not the Greenland, however. This shark swims around at a speed of about 1.6 kilometers per hour. That’s slower than the average running speed in a busy shopping street! With a top speed of 2 kilometers per hour, this shark is the slowest of all sharks.Therefore, he has to cuddle his costume by using sobriety. It is known from this shark that, for example, “seals” seals when they sleep. How slow he himself is when the seal dog sleeps …
Unfortunately, apart from his swim speed, we have very little to tell about this shark. The single specimens ever caught suggest that he could be as big as the human shark, but given the speeds of this boss, swimmers (imagine you’re crazy enough to go swimming in Greenland’s water) do not have to worry about this shark. Well to undercool, however. And who knows what’s left behind an ice skate until you’re too cold to move you …

7. Sawing

Sawshark - TOP 10 STRANGE AND WEIRD LOOKING SHARKSphoto: / wikicommons

This is a group of shark species with long “saw” shaped snouts that have a beautiful row of teeth as a border. These, of course, use them to dismantle their prey. This shark mainly occurs in depths around 40 meters, but sometimes goes up to almost one kilometer deep. As a swimmer, however, you do not have to be particularly afraid of this sawman. In addition, he is no longer than 1.7 meters, compared to other sharks a little so!

6. The cookie cutter


This shark is only 50 centimeters in length, but do not fool you through this length because it’s an aggressive and mean hunter. This cookie cutter chases everything that is about as large or larger as himself. Whales, other sharks, doflines, go on. He does this by sucking on the victim, and then sinking his teeth in the prey. The shark has two rows of teeth, the first row bites itself for grip, while the second row starts to fade into the victim. The result: a wound that looks like someone with a shovel has cut a piece of meat. This shark can occur in depths up to three kilometers, as well as on the surface of the oceans, so be on the lookout for cookie-cutting sharks!

5. Fox sharks

Voshaaien - TOP 10 STRANGE AND WEIRD LOOKING SHARKSphoto: Petter Lindgren / wikicommons

This shark looks pretty normal in the first place except that he has a ridiculously long tail. Again, there are several sub-species of fox sharks, but some have a tail of six meters in length. That tail mainly uses them for catching their prey, they swim by a school of fish and give a few whips with that long whiz.There are always some fish that get a whip and stay confused. The fish are then on the menu of the silly fox shark.

4. The Franjehaai

franjehaai - TOP 10 STRANGE AND WEIRD LOOKING SHARKSphoto: kainita / flickr

This beautiful shark is a soil shark sometimes called a living fossil because of the fact that it has properties that are currently only associated with whole primitive (extinct) species. In appearance, he looks quite like an eel, but it’s really a shark, and can be about two meters long. He catches his prey by bending his body first and then jumping forward as a snake if the prey swims no suspicion alongside.

Why is this shark so special? Because of its appearance. Its aal-like shape, along with the primitive looking beak and remarkable hunting method, is a perfect horror shark.

3. Wobbegong sharks

wobbegong haaien - TOP 10 STRANGE AND WEIRD LOOKING SHARKSPhoto: Jon Hanson / Flickr

Again, a collection of subspecies sharks, also called carpet cages, because they look like a carpet.Wobbegong in the Aboriginal (Australia and Indonesia is the habitat of this shark) means rough beard, and so they look like it. They are lying on the bottom of the ocean and hardly fall due to their rough appearance, but wipe your bones as you swim over them, because then they have you. They grow about two meters in length, although the largest of the species can grow up to three meters. However, they never attack people unless they are being provoked. For example, if you accidentally click on them. Not every carpet is equally comfortable …

2. Zebra shark

zebra haai - TOP 10 STRANGE AND WEIRD LOOKING SHARKSPhoto: Jon Hanson / Flickr

Also a member of the carpet, this zebra shark is part of this list because he has such a beautiful bizarre pattern, namely a striped (zebra) pattern. However, this is just a shame, in fact, he has no stripes but black spot on a pale background. The shark is called zebra just because the boy looks like a zebra. As this boy grows up, they lose all the zebra and become plain spotted sharks. They are popular sharks among divers because, although they get an impressive 2.5 meter long, they rarely attack people, so swimmers can come close and touch them. If one dares …

1. Cobalt bay

Kobolthaai - TOP 10 STRANGE AND WEIRD LOOKING SHARKSphoto: Dianne Bray / wikicommons

The cobalt bay is not exactly a button. But that is also not necessary, because this shark lives on the seabed and there is almost no light, so no one can admire his creepy appearance. He seems more like an alien than on a real animal of our sweet Earth, and yet the cobalt bay is part of the Earth’s population.

On average, this beauty is about three to four meters, and that’s about all we know about, unfortunately. He is quite difficult to study so deep on the seabed, and therefore this shark is almost untouched by human influences, which makes it a very special type.

The creepy parade is over. We hope this list gave you a little more insight into the diversity of sharks on this world. The human shark may be a creep, but not all sharks are so!


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