TOP 10 things that everyone believes but just are not true

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Albert Einstein - TOP 10 things that everyone believes but just are not true

Faith and superstition is human. Many superstitutions are so anchored that it simply takes place for true. Although whole peoples think it’s true, it just seems incorrect. Believe it or not – sometimes it’s all right. Here are the top 10 things that everyone believes but just are not true.

10. Bulls react furiously to the color red

Torreadores or bullfighters often use a red cloth and it is widely believed that the color of this red cloth makes the bull furious. In reality, the color for the bull does not matter. Bulls are red-green color blind and do not know what color they have for themselves. They are only excited about wiping the cloth so close to their nose.

9. Motorways were invented by Adolf Hitler

Not true! Ideas for fast highways already existed in the 1920s. Then, by creating motorways, jobs were created. The first motorway was built in Germany between Cologne and Bonn and is now known as A555. The opening of this highway took place on August 6, 1932 – well before Hitler came to power.

8. The statue of liberty is in New York

New York is close to the statue of liberty, but this great lady is not on New York’s territory. The statue of liberty is on the island of Liberty Island. The island is maintained by the National Park Service and is an enclave, which is governed by American law. Around the island is New Jersey, but Liberty Island’s address is New York. The statue of liberty does not belong to New Jersey or to New York.

7. If you scratch boiled eggs, they are easier to peel

Cold water pouring over boiled eggs has nothing to do with easier peeling. When you quench a boiled egg with cold water, the cooking process stops. As a result, a 4-minute egg is not yet a 6-minute egg if you are looking out for it. However, the pH of the protein determines how easy an egg is to peel. The higher this value, the harder to peel. When storing eggs, a constant amount of CO2 escapes, so that the pH value increases. This makes fresh eggs easier to peel.

6. People thought that the earth was flat

The fact that the earth is around, they already knew in ancient times. However, in the 19th century the assumption that people in the Middle Ages thought than the earth was flat. However, also in the Middle Ages was as good as anyone convinced of the round earth like a sphere. In Europe, however, it was thought that the trip across the Atlantic Ocean was so long and far-reaching that it was not feasible. As a result, nobody left Columbus for this trip.

5. Albert Einstein received a Nobel Prize for Physics because of Relativity Theory

Albert Einstein developed the revolutionary, but also very complex theory of relativity. The complexity of this subject is worth its ruin. The Nobel Prize jury did not understand the theory and refused to reward Einstein for this. Later this posture was still granted. However, in 1905, Einstein received a Nobel Prize for the lesser known statement for photoelectric effects.

4. Horns are poisonous than bees and wasps

A well-known saying goes: “A sting of a horn kills a child, seven stings kill a horse.” However, this is not true. The active substance in hornet poison is the same as beeswax and wasp. The toxicity of a horn is toxic, however, significantly less toxic. However, the stitch is more painful, which suggests that the poison is stronger.

3. According to Charles Darwin, man is descended from monkeys

During Darwin’s life this was already a general misconception and subject of discussion. However, Darwin never spoke of a direct descent of monkeys. The evolutionary theory of Darwin only indicates that monkeys and people have a common ancestor.

2. Water boils at 100 degrees

From 100 degrees Celsius water begins to bubble, so it boils. However, this is a misconception. From how many degrees water boils depends strongly on the air pressure. The lower the air pressure, the earlier the water boils, so also at lower temperatures. On a high mountain, water already boils at ‘only’ 90 degrees Celsius. In a high boiler cooker hood, water only boils at 110 degrees Celsius.

1. People use only 10 percent of their brain capacity

This assumption is only partially true. We never actually use our entire brain, but all areas at once. Different brain areas are responsible for different tasks, which are activated when needed. In healthy brains there are no areas that are not used.

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