10 Tips to Be Positive in Life - TOP 10 TIPS OF POSITIVE THINKING

10 Tips to Be Positive in Life

We do our best to complete our lives so that it is valuable. This can be done by finding the perfect job, of our great love, of good friends or of a favorite hobby. Even though you have found all this, it may be difficult to be really happy. Happiness is more necessary than performing in the different areas of life.You must also be positive about it. But how do you do that?

10. live healthy

Healthy life is the basis of a positive life. If you take care of your body, your mind will feel better. In addition, healthy food, plenty of movement, plenty of outdoors (and sunlight) also provide positive energy. In a healthy life you can also think of finding a good balance in work and relaxation. Listen carefully to yourself. You know best what you handle. If you notice that something becomes too much, dare to indicate your limit. Take a break and relax at the right times.

9. Be realistic

Nobody only makes positive things in life. You may want to, but sickness, mortality, distress and dismissal can really happen to everyone. By being realistic, make sure you prepare yourself for these moments. This way, you will see less of these moments when things happen to happen to you (suddenly), but you know that life consists of wave movements with ups and downs. Then you take everything as it is and can you put it down easily.

8. See challenging moments as a challenge

10 Tips to Be Positive in Life

There are people who think they are the only ones who have (always) bad luck. That is not true (see item 9 of this list). For this reason, it is pointless to pay attention to the question, “Why does this happen to me (always)?” This makes you a victim. Difficult moments happen once, but how you respond to it is entirely up to you. It is good to keep up with your (negative) feeling. But at one point you must say to yourself, “I’ll be back for it.” Then you are looking for a (possible) solution, with or without the help of others. You try to get through the difficult situation (in any way). If you deal with this challenge, you will learn and get out of it. Eventually you feel strong (there).

7. Sing, dance and listen to happy music

Merry music can bring people in a positive mood . You can listen to, dance or sing on it. If you’re already happy, singing might make you happy. Perhaps music can cheer you up too soon. That music makes people happy is because it makes for relaxation. You are focusing on here and now instead of your thoughts (see the next item in this list).

6. Enjoy it here and now (and think less about)

10 Tips to Be Positive in Life

Being truly present in here and now, you feel more about what you are currently doing or what’s around you. This also allows you to enjoy more of all those things, such as food, the smell of your shower gel, animal guns, a kiss of your lover or lying in your bed. It also makes you less concerned with thinking. Thinking can be useful, but our thoughts also make us often stressed, anxious, nervous or sad. This is because we are (too) busy with plans, thinking about what’s wrong, being disappointed about something in the past or choking about the future. If we do this less then there is more room for enjoyment here and now. Do you find this interesting? Then get into mindfulness.

5. Get around with positively tuned people

The mood of people around you raises you consciously or unconsciously. People in the neighborhood who complain and complain are no-one happy. It takes energy to hear their stories, and you will find out that you do not listen carefully to them. Maybe you do not even (secretly) feel like talking to a negative friend. In this case, it is a good idea to do the best to maintain such contact. It may even be that you’d rather cope with it. Of course, you have to think about that first. Of those who are the opposite (energetic, enthusiastic and positive) you will be happy. Hold on to these positive contacts and make new, positive friends. Want to know how to do that? Here are tips:.

4. Do what you like (and do not compare too much to others)

If you continue to compare yourself to others, you probably will not be happy about it. Usually, people compare themselves to the detriment of themselves. You will then see the things that are more beautiful, more fun and better for others. It may even be that you are better off doing something because you want to surpass another. Do not. It’s a waste of your time and energy. Preferably focus on where you are good or what you would like to learn in your life. That gives confidence. That can be all: a hobby, being together with others, a study or job. Do as many things as you like in your life. You only live your life once. Do it right: Follow your dreams.

3. Enter (on and off) others

Loves the people around you. Be economical. Do not expect too much from others, but give them special attention: tickets, gifts, compliments, a listening ear, a hug or a big kiss. From giving you energy.Others will be inclined to return you the same. And that gives you good relationships, of course you will be happy.

2. Be grateful (for what you have)

You can think of what you do not have in your life and there’s continuous bale. But you can also be happy with what you have and are grateful for it. People often only realize when something bad happened, how precious something was. If you are sick, you realize how nice it was to be healthy. If you get an accident, you realize how important a well-functioning body is. And if someone dies you might not realize how much you loved them. Make sure you’re already happy with this before you do not have it anymore. Be grateful for what life has to offer and enjoy it.

1. Laugh (and enjoy)

These are the words of psychologist Carl Jung (early 1900): “Our outer world forms a valuable (smile) mirror for our inner world, and affects our consciousness and our soul.” Enjoy the outside world and smile to life, then you will do that from within. By laughing, make others happy, making you feel even more happy!

10 Tips to Be Positive in Life

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