Top 10 Bizarre & Strange Statues

Most people think of the words Art on beautiful things. Paintings, sculpture and so on, constructions with aesthetic value (that is, it has something to do as a function). However, art is not always ‘beautiful’. Sometimes art is just ugly, strange, scary, or provocative. Because what art really makes art, the ability of the artwork is to attract an emotion to the admirer. Or does it have anything to do with the ability to surprise the viewer? Note that there are many different opinions about what Art is exactly and not, but that does not matter to this list! This list is about bizarre, strange and remarkable statues.Whether you want to call it art, that’s yours.

10. Denver’s Blucifer, Denver, USA

denver blucifer - TOP 10 WEIRD AND STRANGE STATUESphoto: Eric Golub / flicrk

In Denver, for the entrance of the airport to be precise, there is a luguber monster. At first it seems a completely normal ascent horse, but the red glowing eyes and the awkward blue fur give this rising pony an illustrious look. The residents of Denver are not happy with the horse, which has been given the nickname Blucifer (this is by no means the official name). Welcome to Denver!

9. Quetzalcoatl, San Jose, USA

Quetzalcoatl - TOP 10 WEIRD AND STRANGE STATUESphoto: Don DeBold / flickr

This image was created by John Graham in 1992 and it should be a symbol of San Jose’s origins and history. In addition, it should be a tourist attraction, so the clients thought. However, the result, called Quetzalcoatl, is highly remarkable, and many people do not see the relationship to this strange head and precolumbian culture directly. Is it a snake? Most people find it more fun! But it’s really a long time, it’s a picture of an ancient mythical god of the Aztec, of course called Quetzalcoatl.

8. The Frogner park baby pitcher, Oslo, Norway

baby werper - TOP 10 WEIRD AND STRANGE STATUESphoto: Bultro / wikicommons

In Frogner, a recreation park in Oslo, Norway it is full of images, but one particular attracts our attention today. This picture is a naked man who strikes a number of children more or less. Or rather, throwing around. A little morbid to make a picture of it, right?
However, the creator intended to portray something very different, fortunately. It had to depict four genii (the little children) attacking a single man. Genii by the way (also called jinn) is usually malignant supernatural spirits in the Arab folklore.

7. The Kindereter fountain, Bern, Switzerland

Kindlifresserbrunnen - TOP 10 WEIRD AND STRANGE STATUESphoto: Andrew Bossi / wikicommons

Also, the Swiss seem to have a morbid look at education, when we look at the next statue, in Bern. In German, the fountain is called the Childlifresserbrunnen, and dates back to the 16th century, proving that not only modern art can be frightening.
There are various theories about what the statue depicts. The first claims that the man in the fountain is in fact a giant. Since he has a pointed hat we can assume that it was a Jewish giant (at that time, one was also quite anti-Semitic, alas). Others think that the man is an image of Krampus, a folklore monster in the Alps region who punishes naughty children during Christmas. A third group of people thinks that it is the Oard of Cronus who eats his crucifixion (because he was warned that a son would die of him).Or it was just an attempt to chase children fear so they would listen better to Dad and Mom.

6. Man and skull, Prague, Czech Republic


Well, the picture is clear, a man on his knees, almost crushed by a giant skull. In fact, this image was made in honor of Kafka, a famous author. It would be based on a character of Kafka’s books, but the positions taken by the man and the skull … Everyone may think what he or she wants, of course, but does not suspect much of some exciting activities? We hope Kafka would have been honored with this artwork ….

5. The Fountains of the virtues, Nuremberg, Germany

Fonteinen van de Deugden - TOP 10 WEIRD AND STRANGE STATUES

Nuremberg is mainly known as the venue of Nazi chiefs, but knew that it was also the place where some of the first Bibles were printed. In addition, there is a fountain of virtues, as can be seen in the picture. And yes, the water actually comes from the ladies’ breasts. They are very fruitful, you see, and although virginity should also be a virtue, these ladies apparently have been able to gain a crown (according to the Bible) and should suck.

4. Boll Weevil Monument, Alabama, USA


The town of Enterprise is a small town in the southeast of the United States, and the proud owner of the Boll Weevil monument. Please note, a Boll Weevil is a kind of beetle-like insect. The Monument is indeed an ode to this insect. The animal has had a huge impact on agriculture and the economy in that region. This beetle grew along with prosperity, and so Alabamians associate his presence with good times. That it was a plague just aside. The image was made in 1919 and is still a key feature.

3. Point Pleasant’s Mottenman, West Virginia, USA

mothman - TOP 10 WEIRD AND STRANGE STATUESphoto: Snoopywv / wikicommons

Also in America is the Mighty Man. It is an ode to the essence of the ‘ mothman ‘ who is occasionally spotted near the town of Point Pleasant. Like some people see UFOs floating around, others see moths fly around. In 1966 and the following year there were reports of a mothman in the neighborhood. Later, the idea was recorded by John Keel, who wrote a book about it. And again later, in 2003, this statue was revealed, in honor of the murderer. In addition, there is a martial arts museum and research center.And all thanks to a few observations

2. Awakening, USA

the awakaning - TOP 10 WEIRD AND STRANGE STATUESphoto: ~ Ealasaid ~ / flickr

The Awakening is 21 meters in size and it appears to be a giant that tries to crawl up (or sagging in drift sand). The aluminum-based work of art accurately depicts the horror of the giant. The image was created by Seward Johnson Junior in 1980 and it was recently sold (in 2007) to Milton Peterson for a little 750,000 dollars. That’s a nice pocket money! Today, this image is being viewed in National Harbor, in Prince George’s County, Maryland. If you happen to be in the neighborhood …

1. Giant Ball, Chicago, USA

oog1 - TOP 10 WEIRD AND STRANGE STATUESPhoto: John Lodder / Flickr

In Chicago, finally, we find a giant eyeball. Center on the sidewalk. However, there is no eye fixed on one view. The eyeball is regularly moved to other locations within the state. Before you know, this thing is suddenly on your sidewalk! The artwork has a name called “eye”, and it was made for a 2010 Art Program by Tony Tasset. The idea behind the artwork is that it must reflect knowledge, power, monitoring and supervision. More or less Big Brother Is Watching You effect.


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