Top 10 Words that are named after real People

louis sandwich.jpg Top 10 Words that are named after real People - Top 10 Words that are named after real People

Top 10 Words that are named after real People

Although you do not use the words below daily, they are part of our vocabulary. If you know that these words are named after people  you will pronounce them more often. It has brought the people in question world-famous!

10. Boycott

Charles Boycott - Top 10 Words that are named after real People

By the middle of the nineteenth century it was very common for farmers to pay large sums of rent money. Similarly in Ireland. To collect the money, the Count of Earne suggested. Charles Boycott was one of them. Despite all his efforts – and power show – the Boycott did not succeed in fulfilling his duties. He was simply ignored by the peasants and laborers. There was undeniably a boycott. By deliberately eliminating or isolating him, they managed to escape their severance obligation.

9. Chauvinism

It will only happen to you; Are you called to serve in Napoleon’s army, you get well injured 17 times and ship them off with a small pension. One with a glory! It came across the French soldier Nicolas Chauvin.If you think he was overwhelmed by revenge feelings then you’re wrong. Chauvin manifested himself as a true Napoleon fan! Everywhere he came, he preaches the army leader into heaven. His obsession inspired two playwrights to write ‘La Cocarde tricolore’. Herein, Chauvin was sublimely perfected.

8. Decibel

Alexander Graham Bell - Top 10 Words that are named after real People

The name Alexander Graham Bell strikes a bell ring. To this Scottish inventor – also known as a scientist – we have to thank the phone. At least, he has contributed to the development of this means of communication. The principle upon which this invention is based is on spreading sound waves. The intensity of the sound is expressed in decibels. As you can figure out, one decibel equals 1/10 of a bell.Whatever measure you use, you will be called Alexander Graham Bell. It is worth mentioning that Bell’s telephone company Bell has grown into the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT & T). A format provider!

7. Saxophone

Antoine Sax - Top 10 Words that are named after real People

Antoine Sax, who lived from 1814 to 1894, was born between musical instruments. His father owned a music studio in Brussels. Musical instruments were built here. Antoine could not follow his father.Perhaps the term surpass is better applied. During one of the many experiments with instruments, Antoine Sax found a new wind instrument: the saxophone. Moreover, it took a while for the audience to see what instrument was going on. Thus the first performances took place behind a curtain! Sax did not show the saxophone just when he had applied for a patent.

6. Nicotine

Jean Nicot - Top 10 Words that are named after real People

As an ambassador you can travel often, French ambassador Jean Nicot could talk about it. During a trade mission to Portugal – late sixteenth century – he received a tobacco plant home. The plant grew well under the French sun. Soon Jean Nicot was told that he could earn money on the tobacco present nicotine. He declared his job as an ambassador and laid the foundation of a company that many people committed to bind. This gave him a huge fortune at the expense of many nicotine addicts worldwide!

5. Sadism

Markies de Sade - Top 10 Words that are named after real People

The origin of the word sadism is also in France. Ever lived Markies de Sade here. He was part of the French aristocrats. On paper then, because he spent most of his life behind bars. Markies de Sade pursued violent sexual practices. One spoke of “outrageous acts of sexual perversion.” Moreover, his feelings in prison were not suppressed. In fact, he wrote many plays and novels with sexual cruelty as a theme. His efforts are rewarded with his own word: sadism.

4. Lynchen

During the time that William Lynch lived, a namesake also appeared in the audience. Politician Charles Lynch was a member of the House of Representatives in Virginia. However, he has never been guilty of lynching. For this reason, this verb is unlikely to be named after him. Like many Virginia residents, William Lynch was plagued by robbery of bandits. Once upon a time, the mob managed to stay out of control of the police. Together with some friends, William took hold of his own hands; They picked up the bandits and self-seized a trial. Here comes the word lynchen from.

3. Silhouette

silhouette - Top 10 Words that are named after real People

A silhouette equals a shadow portrayal. This term applies to the work of the Frenchman Étienne de Silhouette. As the General Audit of Finance, he decided in the mid-eighteenth century to introduce a new tax system. For example, the French economy had to be restored. His approach proved unsuccessful. When it became clear that he had taken a grave of raising funds, Silhouette was fired. He had served himself with pants without bags. One of shadow portraits! However, he has left a word named after him in his career.

2. Braille

Louis Braille - Top 10 Words that are named after real People

If the fate fails you can lead to high level innovations. At the age of three, Louis Braille was involved in an accident. He became blind. Nevertheless, this restriction did not prevent him from developing.Louis Braille was determined to learn to read. Together with a number of experts, he developed books for blind people; They used embossed letters. In the past centuries a wide range of braille books have been released.

1. Sandwich

louis sandwich - Top 10 Words that are named after real People

John Montagu, a British governor, inherited 10-year-old grandson of Edward Montagu, the title of Count of Sandwich (Earl of Sandwich). When the Count’s cook served him a sandwich, this sandwich got world famous. Montagu was an avid poker player; He did not stop. Even if the clock did not indicate food time. The cook worried about the health of the dig. That’s why he made a two-piece sandwich of two thin slices of bread, richly cooked meats, cheese and raw food. That way, the poker addict could just play at the table! By the way, it is very likely that this way of bread invested for a long time. As John Montagu lived in the village of Sandwich – and enjoyed the necessary familiarity – the sandwich was noticed. Either way, this digger has in any case contributed to the familiarity of the sandwich.

Top 10 Words that are named after real People

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