TOP 100 things you can do without spending money

TOP 100 things you can do without spending money

There is a crisis as everyone knows, and that means you can not always spend money or spend money. We therefore have a list of things you can do without spending money. The big mistake many people make is spending money to have a nice time. But that’s what those people are wrong in our list you’ll find 100 fun things to do without spending a cent.

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Top 100 things you can do without spending money

1. Visit a local beach.

2. Sign up for a free lesson.

3. Cook a new recipe with remaining ingredients that you have.

4. Read a book that you own.

5. Reorient your furniture.

6. Organize your closet.

7. Create a playlist on Spotify.

8. Do you have a film marathon with good friends.

9. Play some board games.

10. Swap clothes with friends.

11. Go swimming.

12. Visit a local park or playground.

13. sunbathe

14. Try a new haircut at home.

15. Watch for repetitions of your favorite TV show with DVDs from your local library.

16. Practice new makeup looks.

17. Plant some flowers in your garden.

18. Go sightseeing.

19. Paint your nails.

20. Host a dinner.

21. Use of YouTube videos for karaoke.

22. Take your pet for a walk.

23. Go on a bike ride.

24. Paint or sketch something.

25. Photo of local attractions.

26. Visit a museum on a day off.

27. Enter your diary.

28. Watch the sunset.

29. Go hiking.

30. Create a scrapbook.

31. Take a nap.

32. Practice of yoga.

33. Go for a walk.

34. Make your own ice cream in a bag of ingredients around the house.

35. Write a song.

36. Practice playing an instrument.

37. Wash your car at home.

38. Volunteer for a local organization.

39. Visit with family or friends.

40. Catch up for laundry.

41. Organizing the utility room.

42. Mow the lawn.

43. Paint a pot.

44. Do some arts and crafts.

45. Start a DIY project.

46. ​​Exercise.

47. Drawing a garage sale.

48. Bake some cookies or other sweet treats from zero.

49. Together a list of your favorite recipes.

50. Write a bucket list.

51. Shoot a number of hoops.
52. To get rid of junk.
53. Go for a run through the neighborhood.
54. Do spa treatments at home.
55. Build a bookshelf.
56. Dance.
57. take a bath
58. Repair holes in clothing.
59. Make a quilt of old t-shirts.
60. Clean-up of your email.
61. Organize old photos in an album.
62. Write a letter.
63. Window store.
64. Do you have a picnic?
65. Listen to a podcast.
66. Knit.
67. Build a fortress.
68. Finish a puzzle.
69. Play card games.
70. Start planning your next vacation.
71. Organizing the pots and pans in your kitchen.
72. Listen to new music online.
73. Playing video games.
74. staring at the stars
75. Look at the sunrise.
76. Write a poem or short story.
77. Work on your to-do list.
78. Update your resume.
79. Be creative and make a costume with old clothes.
80. Try a new hobby.
81. Download free apps.
82. Make your own jewelry with old beads, buttons, or chains.
83. Tie-dye a t-shirt.
84. Practice origami.
85. Make a card.
86. Do you have a bonfire.
87. Throw a potluck.
88. Put your favorite photos in a frame.
89. Work on handmade gifts.
90. Replace old light bulbs.
91. Watch home movies.
92. Organize your makeup.
93. Put flowers in a vase. Or better yet, upcycle an old bottle in a nice vase!
94. Organize your bulletin board.
95. Update your social media profiles.
96. Create a new board on Pinterest. Check out our Pinterest account for awesome DIYs and tips!
97. Do you have a sleepover?
98. Organize old receipts.
99. Browse the farmers market.

100. Discover the city center of your city.

TOP 100 things you can do without spending money

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