TOP10 biggest irritations in the plane

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The 10 biggest irritations in the plane

I think  Viegen one of the finest ways of transportation. Check in, look around the duty free section and then get on and leave. Fast, easy and mostly comfortable. However, there are a lot of negatives to fly. Passengers can also sometimes cause serious irritations. I have therefore today the 10th biggest irritations in the plane for you to put a row. Recognizable?

The 10 biggest irritations in the plane

1. Steps against the backrest

The very, very, very annoying fly is if you have someone sitting behind you sitting at your back all the time. Knees in your back to get up there and use your chair. That is why this point punctually at one the biggest irritations in the plane.

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2. Crying babies

Of course you want the new mother after a pregnancy of nine months plus delivery also encourage you enjoy as nice a well deserved holiday. The crying baby while flying with is just really not fine. And let’s not forget about the appropriate bowel movement …

3. Too little legroom

Flights are getting cheaper, but the result is that more and more chairs are crammed into an airplane. Quite long people among us, this is very annoying. Extra legroom you pay extra, but that is not always everything.

4. Feet between the seats

During a long flight you’re still looking for a suitable position. Some passengers are thinking to have found the solution by the feet between the two chairs to qualify. Not fresh and extremely unpleasant for the passenger in the next row.

5. Without warning fold the seat to the rear

The legroom is so minimal, but if the front passenger seat you suddenly flips backwards without warning, you’re completely locked in your seat. Totally fine if you’re just starting the airplane meal. Drinking on the table for almost lap and you equal heavily irritated.

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6. Immediately rise up as soon as the aircraft has landed

If the plane has landed, everyone is excited and impatient. We prefer to walk all together at the same time the plane richtig the holiday. People who are found behind you that they can and so on. Sit quietly and wait until the aircraft door is opened. Not penetrate, it is still not faster than it goes!

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7. Noisy fellow passengers

Everyone is excited that they finally, after a period of hard work going on vacation. But if you’re at the morning so got up early or flying with an overnight flight, it is fine to pieces still just a few hours. Unfortunately, the noisy disturb passengers around you that well-deserved nap. It becomes even more difficult when alcohol is involved.

8. The baggage compartments cram

Because anyone traveling today with hand luggage and not book too expensive, baggage compartments are packed. It does not look at the permitted dimensions and as a result almost nothing more can. There you are in your tight spot with coat and bag between your legs. Not exactly fine!

9. Annoying children

Parents watch the kids! Of course they are enthusiastic about flying, but there are plenty of ways to keep them neatly in place. The plane is no playground, so keep them in check! Take an iPad, fun games and sweets, and the kids are so sweet a few hours.

10. Dirty fellow passengers

Unfortunately, not everyone attaches equal importance to personal hygiene. A deodorantje does miracles a lot, but that is occasionally forgotten. Not nice to have to sit all ride in the stench. Tip from bad morning or coffee breath, take a pack of gum, and which part, in an unobtrusive way, even to the people next to you out.

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Fortunately weigh 10 biggest irritations not outweigh what comes next in the plane: the well-deserved vacation. Do you have any additions? Let us know in a comment!

The 10 biggest irritations in the plane

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